Start Packing Campers!!

Hey Campers,

In 8 days, the Summer Camp Pre-Party will be in full effect! And that means, it’s time to get in gear and start packing. While we put our personal lists together, here are some essential items you shouldn’t leave home without.

1. Your ticket. If you haven’t grabbed yours yet, get one now! 
2. A tent, sleeping bag, and pillow for when you need a little R and R.
3. A headlamp or flashlight for finding your way around after dark.
4. Warm clothes. It can get cold at night, and it’s best to be prepared.
5. Rain boots and a rain jacket or umbrella. Fingers crossed we have amazing weather this year, but you never know.
6. Your reusable water bottle. We will have water stations throughout the grounds to fill up all weekend long. (Remember to stay hydrated!!)
7. Sunscreen, bugspray, wet wipes, baby powder, and plenty of hand sanitizer and toilet paper….because we’re camping, and using porta-potties.
8. A towel, flip flops, soap, and other shower stuff (trust us, it’s a good idea).
9. A backpack or bag large enough to carry your daily essentials to the main stage areas. 10. A wagon to help get all of your stuff from your car to your camp site.
11. Ear plugs. So you can still enjoy Summer Camp (and other amazing music) 20 years from now.
12. Glow sticks, totems, glitter, costumes, decorations, and other pieces of flare. They make everything more fun.

Can’t wait to party with you all soon!

Your Summer Camp Director