The Soulshine Tent Schedule Is Here To Empower, Inspire & Educate You At Summer Camp 2014

Each year at Summer Camp Music Festival, the Soulshine Tent, part of the MAKE A DIFFERENCE family, brings you a daily dose of loving goodness to empower, inspire, and educate you with the tools for a sustainable world!

The tent is packed with alternatives to your general festival madness, and offers a series of hands on and interactive activities throughout the festival to show you the many ways you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Check out the updated Schedule now and add Heading OM Yoga, The Ragbirds discussing their visions on Eco Touring whilst serenading you, the MAKE A DIFFERENCE Raffle, “Writers In the Round” Hosted by Van Ghost with special guest Allie Kral, Head for the Hills presented by Concious Alliance, and more to your schedule this Memorial Day Weekend!

Other highlights in the Soulshine Tent include Cosby Sweater & Digital Tape Machine becoming LCD Soundsystem on Friday night, Here Comes The Sun Stereo with Sun Stereo transforming in to Sgt. Pepper’s for a very special Beatles set on Saturday evening, and Chicago‚Äôs only and therefore best Talking Heads tribute band This Must Be the Band to close things out on Sunday.

Also on the Soulshine schedule is Everyone Orchestra in the Red Barn on Sunday. Conducted by Matt Butler, this year’s Everyone Orchestra will feature Joel Cummins, Al Schnier, Vinnie Amico, Allie Kral, Bill Evans, Mike Dillon, Fareed Haque, Jay Barady, Nick Piccininni and special guests David Murphy of STS9 and DJ Logic!