Late Night shows and VIP and RV on sale announced, oh yea, and JANE’S ADDICTION!

Hey Campers,

Its’ been a HUGE week for us at here at Summer Camp. To start, we had a lineup addition that we were so ridiculously excited for; we had to do it as its own separate leak. We are thrilled to announce that Jane’s Addiction will be joining us this year as one of our headlining acts!

Also, VIP upgrades and RV passes will be going on sale this Saturday at 1pm CST. For any first time Campers out there, there are 4 VIP upgrade options and 2 RV pass options. For VIP, there is the basic upgrade, the Deluxe upgrade, the Super Deluxe Upgrade, and the Rockstar Upgrade. With the basic upgrade you get 1 late night ticket of your choice included with your pass, for Deluxe you get 2, and for Super Deluxe and Rockstar you get all 3. Rockstar upgrades also give you backstage access where you can hang out with artists and enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks. All VIP upgrades come with a Thursday Pre-Party pass, VIP camping and parking (various levels) and a variety of Summer Camp merch and other perks. To learn more about our various VIP options, check out our VIP tickets page.

For RV passes, you can get a spot with electrical hookups or one without. Don’t forget, you must also have a 3-day pass in addition to any VIP upgrade or RV pass to get in! . If you’re interested in late night tickets, but not VIP, individual late night shows will sold online at a later date to be announced.

And last, but not least, so you know which late night(s) you want to go to, we announced our late night lineup! We’re excited that Les Claypool and the Dead Kenny G’s will be playing Friday night in the Red Barn; Gigantic Underground Conspiracy (featuring members of Big Gigantic, The Disco Biscuits and Conspirator) will be performing the late night show on Saturday night; and to end the weekend with a bang, Pretty Lights will be performing the late night show on Sunday night!

So make sure you get your VIP upgrades and RV passes early (RV passes will sell out!).


Can’t wait to see you all soon!

Your Summer Camp Director