Announcing Our "What's your SUMMER CAMP STORY?" 2014 Contest Winners

“What’s your SUMMER CAMP STORY?”

We put that question to you SCampers in the hopes of hearing some of the fun and inspiring experiences you all had this Memorial Day Weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival 2014, and you did not disappoint!

We spent hours with your Facebook & Instagram comments, reading through your special moments, hearing about the beautiful people you met, and learning of the ways you all MADE A DIFFERENCE for your communities and your fellow SCampers – it was such an honor and a delight! Each one of your SUMMER CAMP STORIES was truly enjoyable for us to read, and we thank every one of you who participated!

Stories by Facebook users Mike C and Magda S, as well as Instagram followers @_girlwithkaleidoscopeeyes and @chkypop, stood out as some of our favorites, and we will be shipping each of them some Summer Camp merchandise to thank them for sharing their experience.

And after much consideration, a story from Facebook user Victoria P about a chance meeting, a flat tire, and some new cross-country friends stood out to us as really capturing the spirit of Summer Camp – here’s her tale:

My favorite moment was the morning ride home from SCamp. The night before, my roommate and I had been front row Bassnectar raging hard, and met these awesome guys from the east cost who came all the way to Chillicothe just to go to Summer Camp. On the ride home the next morning, on 80, my roommate and I get a flat tire, and are thinking “were screwed” because neither one of us knew how to change a flat. What do you know, a big black pick up truck, the first car to come by, stops immediately and WHO walks out??? The guys we met from the east coast. They get out, assess the situation, and both begin replacing the tire. All we could do was thank them profusely. They were the nicest people in the world, and that is why I will go to Summer Camp every year; to meet even more amazing people! Summer Camp has the best family vibes of any festival, hands down.

We’re excited to award Victoria a pair of 3-Day Passes to Summer Camp Music Festival 2015, and we can’t wait to hear about each and every one of your experiences again next summer!