Announcing The Summer Camp 2014 Masquerade Troupe Contest

Are flow arts your specialty? Is it your dream to showcase your talents at a music festival? Do you love Summer Camp Music Festival? If so, this is the contest for you!

All you need to do to enter is specialize in flow arts (hoop, poi, staff, wands, gloves, etc.) and submit a 2-3 minute long video of yourself by March 31st!


The Troupe will have exclusive performances with different artists throughout the festival, and will also perform in the Vibe Tent during the Chalice Dubs Masquerade! Masquerade Troupe members will also be hosting workshops throughout the festival…

And did we mention everyone selected to be a part of the troupe gets in for FREE??


Just submit a 2-3 minute long video of yourself by March 31st! The first 30 – 45 seconds should be an introduction of yourself, where you are from, why you love Summer Camp, and why you want to be apart of the troupe! The rest of the video should be you performing your flow art.

Please upload the video to YouTube and set it to ‘public’. The title of your video needs to look like this: Your First Name & Last Name Initial (Carl F.) – Masquerade Troupe – Summer Camp Music Festival 2014

After your video has been uploaded, email a link to with “Summer Camp Masquerade Troupe” in the subject line! Deadline to submit videos is March 31st, 2014 12pm CST. All entries agree to our Official Sweepstakes Rules & Regulations.

Winners will be chosen based on talent and creativity. YouTube “likes” on your video will play a factor in our judging so promote your video to your friends!

Good luck!