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Visit our NonProfit Partners in the Make a Difference Program at Summer Camp, complete with a wide variety of courageous organizations, interactive demonstrations, workshops, and performance interviews in the Soulshine Tent. Swing by and participate (located just outside the main walkway to the Moonshine Stage) to increase your awareness of important environmental and human rights issues.

View our 2015 participating Non-Profits here!


On top of providing education, many of the non-profits also hold collection drives at the festival. Stay tuned to learn about what drives will take place at the 2015 Summer Camp Music Festival. Past drives have included canned foods, cell phones, shoes, clothes, and other useable goods.

View our 2015 Non-Profit Drives

Non-Profit Applications for 2015 are now closed
Please read our info sheet for more information about the on-site program


“Summer Camp Music Festival has opened countless doors for our organization, and what came out of it has revolutionized who we are today. Whoever said that it’s impossible to change the world clearly never made their way over to SCMF! The passion, dedication, and determination that you can feel through each cause in the Make a Difference Area is a special light of love that if absorbed, one can expect to experience heavy elation, high positivity levels, and strong feelings of unification.” – Bobby Wise, The Runway to Hope Foundation

“Summer Camp Music Festival is the kind of gathering that attracts genuinely good people; people who get excited about the opportunity to take action and help their fellow man.” – Tzviatko Chiderov, ONE

“The Make A Difference area at Summer Camp Music Festival 2013 was awesome, and we had a great experience. We felt that we spoke to a huge number of people and really got the word about our cause. The way they paired artists with non-profits was also great – people got to enjoy music, while at the same time learn about very important issues.” – Rachel Roozen, Buffalo Field Campaign

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