Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen

“Tolono” is a train town south of Champaign, IL founded by the Illinois central railroad in the early 19th century. For many years it was mainly home to employees of the railroad and became a featured stop for early rail passengers. Today many of its streets still bear the name of railroad employees. It was purely coincidental that Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen ventured to this small town in July to record their debut record with engineer and producer Matt Talbott (of Hum). In three days they found local musicians to accompany them and recorded everything live to analog tape.

Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen met in Kankakee, Il in the spring of 2012 while working on separate musical projects. Drummer Matt Yeates (who also spends time drumming for indie-folk darlings Ivan & Alyosha and Twin Forks), Upright-bass and mandolin player Eric Fitts, and guitar and banjo player Cory Ponton make up what is now known as The Trainmen. The three are life long friends who have been playing music together since they were teenagers.

The essence of these songs on TOLONO is distinctly Midwest. Rebecca wrote them about the time that she has spent outside of Chicago in smaller towns in Illinois, family stories and the first years of her marriage.

“Tolono” will be released in February 2014.