IndigoSun was born in October of 2008 when a few good friends began to explore the possibilities of electronic music. We set up outside on a rare beautiful September night on the terrace of our building, and began to improvise around the skeleton of what would soon become a fan favorite, “Welcome Home.” After playing for about an hour and a half, we knew that we had found something that had to be pursued.

Thus a band was forged, whose mission is to make music which combines deep melody and lyrical simplicity with intense rhythmic complexity, but which first and foremost has the ultimate purpose of groovin’. With this goal in mind, we’ve set to work on creating original music which showcases our instrumental skills and creates a strong connection between the audience and us as performers.

Our sonic universe emerged from a big bang that fed on the fuel of many genres and influences as diverse as Lotus and The Meters, STS9 and Herbie Hancock, Jamiroquai and Big Gigantic, Sigur Ros and Radiohead. At the same time we are ultimately working to create an individual sound which inhabits its own world, apart from the groups which have been influential to us.

But most importantly, we seek to find true freedom of expression through our music, and we hope to encourage others to do the same in all aspects of their lives. Our deepest desire is that everyone who comes to our show leaves spiritually enriched and physically enlivened, filled with a stronger sense of self-worth, an unshakeable knowledge of the pervasiveness and power of unconditional love in this universe, as well as a profound feeling of transcendent joy. That said, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, always have a good time with our music, and have come to GET DOWN!

Despite being on the scene and playing out consistently for less than two years, IndigoSun has already opened for many national headliners and has built a Chicago fanbase that continues to grow, expanding beyond the city as we’ve begun branching out into the rest of the Midwest, playing everywhere from Southern Illinois to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.