Bones Jugs N Harmony

Bones, jug, xylophone, kazoos, steel pan, resonator guitar, banjo, double bass, drums, and all sorts of noise makers. These are just some of the instruments Bones Jugs N Harmony use to conjure up their eclectic acoustic sound: a sort of Americana-ragtime-calypso-Jugband. It started with a vision of a pop-up party on street corners, in a living room, amplified in a club, and just about anywhere else. A frenzy of frivolity, a marvel of merriment. It’s Frank Zappa meets Spike Jones, it’s Looney Tunes meets Nintendo. It’s seriously silly. It’s a party. It’s for dancing, for listening, for enjoying. It’s for adults. It’s for kids. It’s for everyone. They believe music should bring joy, and work hard to put that in their sound so that upon entering the ear it quickly saturates the entire body. In short, it’s just loads of fun.