Blue Fruit Snacks

High Energy Acoustic Duo Blasting out of St Louis with enough sound to fill a full band. Ahna with Vocals that will leave you reminiscing of Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin), with enough soul and howl to make even Janis Joplin proud. Ahna also plays the acoustic guitar with an upbeat rhythmic style that will have your feet moving and your booty shaking. BongoJak is the insanely passionate Aux Percussionist who will leave you wondering how his hands aren’t falling off, and where the heck he store all that energy? With his hands (and dreads) flying around it’s hard to believe he could actually be playing even MORE instruments, like the tambourine with his feet, and kazoo with his mouth, on top of back up vocals too. We play “JAM Band”/”Island Rock” style of music, with many original songs as well as some covers (we do our own way). Playing songs from Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Sublime, Santana, Janis Joplin….and many more.