Milk N Cookies

After years of schizophrenically producing music and attempting to make “everything”, we realized that as an artist people have to be able to identify you as something. It can be whatever you’d like, as long as it’s real…

The years of genre jumping production have paid off in the sense that it was kind of like our “schooling”.

We wanted to make everything, and we tried, we may not have perfected everything but at the very least we obtained the skills necessary to begin to attempt to pull the unique music that’s in our heads out and ultimately on to the dance floor.

Endless shows, hours in the studio, and a lot of time spent exploring new music will teach you what kind of music you truly enjoy. It’s safe to say that the music we like making and playing is groovy enough to dance to, but heavy enough to rage to…a delicate balance of both historically contrasting styles is what you shall hear from us release wise in the future as well as during our set at SCamp.

SO COME HANGOUT WITH US – we are like bros, but smart, and care about the world n shit.