Field Day

Summer Camp Field Day is a year-round team-based competition taking place both at the festival and online!

There are 4 teams: red, yellow, blue, and purple. You can join a team by completing the team’s form online, and joining the team’s official Facebook group. Within each group, team members coordinate how they want to divvy up the events, and decide more fun aspects like team songs, mascots, etc.

Each year, one team will be named the Summer Camp Field Day champion. The winning team will be determined at the festival on Sunday, and their flag will be flown that day, and for the entire festival the following year until the new winner’s flag is raised on that Sunday (and it will fly virtually all year round on the Summer Camp site… :)). The winning team will also receive a keg party during the flag raising ceremony provided by 312 (21 and over only) and a trophy to show off while at the festival.

As a team member, you have the choice of just supporting your team in spirit by wearing team colors and cheering the team on, or participating in contests and game day events. Game day events last year included dodgeball, tug-of-war, a spelling bee, bocce ball, giant Twister, and a flippy cup tournament. Each event will award the teams points towards winning the overall competition, and the winners of each event will also win prizes like Summer Camp merchandise and late night tickets. Most of the events take place during the day on Saturday, and the winning team’s keg party takes place Sunday afternoon.

Learn more about the Red Team, Blue Team, Purple Team, and Yellow Team and sign up for Field Day now!

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