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I love my husband Dan, my friends, live music, festivals, taking photographs of people, eating local foods, cooking local foods, going out to eat, dancing, creating Healthy Human Magazine, video blogging for Relix, Jambands, Summer Camp, festivals and Phish, roller skating, walking, Lake Champlain, Vermont, sushi, telling dirty jokes, eating cucumbers, doing pickle backs, camping, flying, airports, making sparkly jewelry and thrift store shopping. I love living a green, healthy and happy life full of love, art and music. I love inspiring others to do the same. I love you.

What Taraleigh liked most about being a CIT:

I loved being a CIT this year for a number of reasons. I loved meeting all the other CIT’s. Even though we were all from different parts of the country, came from different walks of life, had different experiences and relationships to music, we all got along really well. I learned something from each and every person and I cherish that experience. On top of that I was honored to get to experience Summer Camp as a CIT. I got to share my experiences with Summer Camp fans that were in attendance this year or had to stay home and it made me feel really good to be a representative of what Summer Camp is. Thank you!!!

What it means to be a CIT (in Taraleigh’s opinion):

Being a CIT means being a representative of Summer Camp. It means having the best time of your life at the festival and beyond and sharing those experiences with the fans. It’s a tough job… :)

Why Taraleigh thinks you should apply this year:

People should apply this year because you will seriously have the best time of your life. Maybe you’ve been to Summer Camp every year or maybe you’ve never gone. Either way you have a lot to add to the Summer Camp team so if you are enthusiastic about music, then you should apply.

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