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I am your average American citizen. I have an amazingly immaculate 2 ½ year old boy named Jordan. He makes my world go round and round every day. He really is a spawn of me if you know me hahaha. I work at an assisted living house and absolutely love my job and making people smile no matter what it takes. Music became my passion only a few years ago when I was pregnant. After I had Jordan I started to realize what life was all about and how it should be enjoyed. Every time I go to a concert of any sort I get chills down my spine that can’t be brought on by anything else besides the laughter of my son. I enjoy things like camping and traveling. My favorite thing to do at the change of every season is to go on an adventure with my close friends. Looking back at the pictures through the years, our winter adventures have to be my favorite. It’s just something about the first snow fall that gets me. Oh yes, my life is simple and I enjoy it that way.

What Natalie liked most about being a CIT:

Being a CIT this year was a lot of fun. It was the first year that Summer Camp did it and I am more than glad to be a part of it. I got to meet some amazing people who were all different in so many ways except for their love of music and I thought that was awesome. All the other CITs and Nick the Camp Counselor were extremely nice and did an amazing job. I got to interview Ryan Stasik from one of my top 3 favorite bands and it was an experience to be had. I was so nervous and had no idea what to say but it was still fun. I felt like a part of the fest instead of just going if you know what I mean. Getting to talk to people and getting their perspective on the festival was a lot of fun too. I met some interesting people (to say the least) asking them about their Summer Camp experiences. Not only was it fun at the festival but I am still a part of it throughout the year. I get to write about the shows and festivals I go to and now have more than just pictures to remember them by; I have a written document that reminds me about how I felt at the time. But the thing I for sure enjoyed the most would have to be getting to know what Summer Camp meant to people. All in all it was an experience to be had.

What it means to be a CIT (in Natalie’s opinion):

If I had to describe a CIT I would describe it as a music critic. You go around talking to people about how awesome Summer Camp is and throughout the year go and compare other fests to it. You follow bands that have been to Summer Camp and indulge in the awesomeness of the music while letting others know how awesome it really is. To be a CIT means dedication and willingness to go out there and document for others so they can be like “hey, I wanna go there” and all that good stuff. That is what a CIT does; we get the chance to show others what the fest is about from the music, to the festivities, and even the vendors. Not only do you talk to people and go to shows and everything but it is about having fun….and you can’t be a CIT if you’re not having fun, you just can’t.

Why Natalie thinks you should apply this year:

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t apply. You get to be a part of a festival that grows more and more every year, you get to do things like meeting artists without having to stalk them and you get in for free, you cant go wrong with that haha. But seriously I had a lot of fun and I know all the others did too. I don’t know any reasons why people shouldn’t apply.

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