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What Jon liked most about being a CIT this year:
First off, I liked telling people I was a CIT! Almost everyone at Summer Camp knew about the Camp Counselor contest and thought it was awesome to meet one of the runners up – it made for some great conversation (and often people buying me a beer!). Most of all I enjoyed interviewing people around the festival and getting their input about what they liked best or who played the most raging set. It was great to interview all the nonprofits at the Make a Difference area. Oh, and rolling through SCamp with VIP status ain’t too shabby either.

What it means to be a CIT (in Jon’s opinion):
You help make the party happen. You’re part of what make SCamp a unique festival and even more importantly, it’s your job to capture that uniqueness on video and in your writing and then tell it to the world.

Why Jon thinks you should apply this year:
Because we rock. Honestly, the best part about being at CIT is bonding with the Camp Counselor and other CITs. They were all such fun and kind people who are here to have a good time, laugh and help others do the same.

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