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Oh hai there. I’m a live music junkie who lives to listen to people and live music. You see, I am a crisis counselor at a university here in New Orleans and honestly – I love it. But with all that heavy stuff I need a chance to relax and/or rage and that’s what live music is to me. I love watching bands, especially when they mix it up (like Kyle Hollingsworth and Bela Fleck playing with moe. or Huey Lewis with Umph’s this year) and I love raging it with my buds. My other favorite is eating and cooking, I consider myself an expert at both, but that’s another story. I also love tracing secret messages into bananas at the grocery store, wearing platform shoes, and making aluminum foil outfits for other people’s pets. Oh, and costumes, I love costumes (I used to dress up as the Chiquita Banana Lady, Miss Carmen Miranda). So I guess that’s about it. I’m a people person, in as much as I like people to look at me and laugh at my jokes.

What Joe liked most about being a CIT this year:
Well I must admit, the prize package was sweet, coming to a festival for free was AWESOME. I think though my favorite thing was getting to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes down. One day we were about to have a meeting and someone in the next room was playing the piano, our boss came back and said, “I can’t ask Kyle Hollingsworth to stop playing.” It was a magical moment. When our meeting was over I walked in and got the chance to meet him – it was kick-ass. I got to do an interview with Kris Nowak from Cornmeal and see a lot of the artists up close. Also, I got a little recognition. Some people recognized me from my videos and honestly, that’s my favorite. Having an in-depth look into Summer Camp made me love it a little more.

What it means to be a CIT (in Joe’s opinion):
I think being a CIT is sort of like being an historian. You record what happens to you and the people you’re with and you show the Scamp Community (or people thinking about going to the fest) what it’s like, what happened, and how much fun you can really have. Being a CIT is the chance to share a bit of who you are and what you are with the festival community.

Why Joe thinks you should apply this year:
Are you seriously thinking about not applying? The prize package is ridiculous first of all, but if you’re anything like me just getting the chance to meet some of the artists should get you off your ass and making a video. If that’s not enough for you, well Hell’s bells and taco shells, I just don’t know what else to say.

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