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I live in Denver, and I am currently in the midst of living the dream. I have a couple companies with friends, J2G Productions, we do concerts, and, a website that allows Colorado Dispensaries an opportunity to put their menu online for patients to view. I work hard and play hard and have an amazing group of friends. I probably go to 4 or more shows a week ranging from 15 people in a bar to a sold out show at Red Rocks. I recently started practicing Parkour, an awesome and fun way to get fit(ter) with some world class athletes at Apex Movement. I love to cook and drive at night and listen to music, lay with my feet in a river and my head on a pillow, snowboard, golf, play guitar, drawing, sewing, Ted Talks and a million other things. I pretty much think I could like anything given the proper circumstances. One day I hope to run my own music festival and provide you all with another opportunity to have a great summer weekend.

What Jeff liked most about being a CIT this year:
The thing I liked the most about being a CIT was all the people I met. Holly, and Allie, and the iClips team were all so great to work with. Getting to document my experience at the festival was really cool and gave me a different point of view on being at a festival. I was really aware of my surroundings and the people around me, more so than when I go space cadet mode and just “be” at the festival. I felt like I was just extra tuned into my experience as a result of being a CIT.

What it means to be a CIT (in Jeff’s opinion):
I really loved the whole process of becoming a CIT. It was a trip to make those videos and I have some others in the works, even if they are just for fun. Meeting the other CITs and seeing how we came from such diverse backgrounds just reminded me how eclectic a group of people we have at Summer Camp. It’s wonderful and felt like all of us were a little microcosm of the Summer Camp community. Most importantly though, I love coming to Summer Camp and to have the opportunity to be a part of it and give back to the festival was really special for me.

Why Jeff thinks you should apply this year:
If you love Summer Camp and have wanted an opportunity to be a part of the festival, the Camp Counselor/CIT program is the way to go. You meet amazing people, get lots of cool privileges, and if you are into it, even cooler responsibilities (cuff links required) like band interviews, iClips teasers, and more. Being a CIT gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with the community and show people how you like to do your festivals…something not everyone gets to do.

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