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This is the story of how the ChickenHeadFan came to be. Social media has been an interest of mine since I first joined Myspace in high school as a way to help promote my band. After high school i moved from a small town to Chicago to study graphic design, photography, and marketing. This is when I started to become interested in using the internet and social tools to interact with an artist or company’s fans and I started getting serious about making social media my career. Also during college my natural love of music grew because in Chicago I had access to great live music all the time and friends exposing me to many different genres and artists.

I found my chicken hat at a vintage clothing store in Chicago and began wearing it to concerts immediately. The hat attracted attention and I began meeting many interesting people. I wanted to connect with these people later so I created this persona in the form of a Facebook page and a Twitter feed called “Chickenhead Fan.” Through those sites I update my subscribers with set lists, band news, pictures, videos, and whatever else I feel like posting. My dream is to make a career through social media and I think the Summer Camp Counselor position would be a great way to blend my two passions: music and social media.

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