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HELLO SUMMER CAMP!!!! I’m Carmel and I am stoked to spend my 9th Summer Camp as a Counselor in Training.  I would describe myself as a spottieottiedopaliscious Midwest girl. I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which is located half way between Milwaukee and Chicago, right on beautiful Lake Michigan.  I really like bacon, traveling, and I flipping love science!

I have this crazy obsession with live music that started back in 2004 when I danced myself silly at my very first Summer Camp.  Since then, I’ve seen hundreds of shows and raged dozens of fests, but there is something about Summer Camp that always feels like home. When it comes to my musical appetite, I indulge in EVERYTHING, which is why I love jambands and Spotify.  I’m an Umphreak and I try to catch a few Phish shows every year.  Local Chicago bands like the Coop, Future Rock, and Lake Shore Vibe usually supply my weekly fix for live music and This Must be the Band is always a dance party!

I also love rap, hip hop, jazz, bluegrass, soul, and anything FUNKY!  My favorite part about Summer Camp is that it exposes me to this type of musical variety right in my own backyard.  Year after year I come back to Camp a bit more seasoned in my musical tastes, and every year I leave completely satisfied in every possible way.  2013 is going to rawk and I can’t wait to show my fellow Summer Campers how to throw down like a BOSS!

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