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Born and raised right in the heart of pure joy and complete happiness. Chillicothe, IL!!! Id like to think I’m different from other people. Not in like a creepy, talk to myself, stare from a distance kind of way but that my personality links well with different types of people. My girlfriend thinks I should be a comedian, but really I can sense a little sarcasm all because one time I asked her if shes heard the new cd, and she preceded to ask, “what cd?” As I then replied, “See dees nutz.” I thought it was funny. We have a dog named Molly and a cat named Jax. We call him Jackie. I hate him. But he does fun tricks and opens doors by himself… So I like him sometimes.. Kinda.. But seriously though, I’m so excited to start this CIT position and blog about my experiences this year and all the people we get the pleasure to meet. Music is my cure to anything wrong in my life. It helps me even out the lows. Cant wait for memorial day weekend. Summer Camp Music Festival 2013! BUTTSCRATCHA!!!

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