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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but spent my most of my childhood and teenage years in Akron (I was sworn in as a citizen this past November woop woop!!!). I’ve also had the opportunity to live Colombia, Italy, and Brazil; the experiences of my life have made me a person who loves meeting new people, seeing new places, trying new things, and going on adventures. Life is what you make of it no? I like to think I am always laid back, but I get very passionate about certain things (like conserving energy). My favorite things to do are: hoop, draw, paint, play drums, read, sing in the shower (where I torture no one), play N64 (smash bros. and mario kart), and do yoga. I spend my summers going to as many festivals and shows as possible and spending as much time outside as possible; I spend the winters snowboarding as much as possible. Hmmm…other than that I just like being goofy and making every experience as fun as it can be in every way that I can.

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