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Jacqueline Shakes Hands with Les Claypool!

My favorite memory from last years Summer Camp began when I got my volunteer schedule and saw that I was scheduled to work from 8pm-1am on Friday night, which was when primus was going to be playing! There were many bands that I wanted to see but primus was at the very top of my… Read more »

Dylan Makes New Friends While Staying Green

I absolutely loved volunteering for Summer Camp last year. I had more fun than any of my friends who simply bought GA tickets, without a doubt As soon as I arrived on the Three Sisters Park for the second time, my friends and I had tons of fun locating the volunteer entrance and building. We… Read more »

Storms Can’t Stop Louie!

I volunteered in 2011 when there was that short but wicked storm with 60 mile per hour winds. Tents were getting ripped from the ground and rolling away. But that didn’t stop Summer Camp! There were huge puddles everywhere so people just stopped wearing shoes (except the people who were already not wearing shoes;). I… Read more »

Victor Wooten Takes Maya’s Picture!

“Smile!” We abruptly turned around to see who demanded it, and Victor Wooten snapped a quick Polaroid from the back of his golf cart. We smiled, didn’t stop smiling until the weekend ended. After games of dodge ball, eating lunch to killer Umphrey’s set, and strolling down glow stick lit paths into magical woods full… Read more »

Gogol Bordello Thanks Chad!

I have been volunteering at Summer Camp with the green team for three years now and it gets better and better every time! Some of my favorite memories have been seeing the people that I have made friends with at past Summer Camps while volunteering and being able to share good music and good vibes… Read more »

Anthony Lucks into VIP

Aside from meeting some of the genuinely nice US populace outside the Northwest, I was taken by my chance. After a day of volunteering where I directed kids to proceed in the direction they were going. (I guess I was better than a sign. No hold ups or kids going off course). I lucked into… Read more »

Liann Makes New Friends

I went into the festival last year knowing only one person and a couple bands… Throughout the weekend I made many friends that I still keep today, got covered in colored powder, sweated, danced my butt off, slept in a hammock from the trees, smelled terrible, and was exposed to countless (great) artists. At one… Read more »

Christian Finds Good Intentions and Clean Energy

Volunteering at Summer Camp last year was a wonderful opportunity to meet the goodness, face to face, in the community that this music festival brings together. I worked the Green Team, with two recycling/trash shifts, and much of my job was reminding folks what bin their waste needed to be disposed in. I was positively… Read more »

Chelsea Finds a New Family

After my first shift as a general volunteer my wallet was lost and never turned in. With no money for food, or gas and my keys gone as well I was a bit anxious as to how I would get home. I didn’t want this to dampen my experience so I carried on planning as… Read more »

Margaret Makes New Friends!

Hello!!! Last year was my first time attending the infamous Summer Camp Music Festival as a general volunteer. IT WAS AWESOME!! I met some of the coolest people, listened to some great music, and had quite a blast. Some people don’t like the idea of being a volunteer because you miss some of the shows… Read more »