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Moss Falls In Love (with Summer Camp!)

So, last year was my first Scamp. I volunteered and had the time of my life! The reason why Scamp is my favorite festival (and I’ve been to about 10 or so) is because of the incredibly long and crazy story you are about to read. It all started Thursday afternoon. Waiting in line to… Read more »

Vanessa Makes the Video!

This video my husband and I are in, and we are volunteering in the video! IN THE Beginning Scanning Wrist Bands, Greeting AND Handing Out guides!! We love our blue vests every year- peace and love!

Kelli SCamps For the Very First Time

Summer Camp 2014 was my first year attending and I did it by volunteering. At first I was a little nervous because I’ve never volunteered for a festival before and I’ve never been to SCamp but I had the best weekend of my life volunteering! I met the most amazing people, and got to experience… Read more »

Paige Makes New Friends and Great Memories

I was skeptical at first about volunteering for a festival – it usually gets a pretty bad reputation. I was worried that I would miss my favorite sets, that I wouldn’t be treated well, or that the jobs would be boring. I’m sure those out there contemplating volunteering for their first time share in these… Read more »

Samuel Meets Lotus!

My volunteer memory involves me sleeping too little, losing my phone, and still having an awesome time with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The first day of my volunteer shift, I had been up real late the night before hanging out listening to music, jus Scamping ;), and basically got 2 hours… Read more »

Alyssa Feeds Off the Energy

I volunteered last year with my boyfriend, Dalton Harrolle. I loved volunteering and I am for sure doing it this year again. I found it as a good way of finding new people. We made some good friends. We would get lunch with them. Every time we saw them around the festival outside of volunteering… Read more »

Jessica Feels the Excitement

My best friend Grant´╗┐ and I volunteered for both of our first years at Summer Camp in 2013. This is going to be somewhat of a novel but once I get going about my Scamp experience it’s hard to stop! From the minute we arrived it was like a continuous series of fortunate events happened… Read more »

Good Opportunities and New Friends

I volunteered for with Summer camp Music Festival in 2009, my first year at the event. Based on a friend’s advice, a veteran of the fest, I figured this would be great way to see some fantastic bands, save some money and give back in the process. Little did I know I would receive all… Read more »

Brittany Chats It Up with Big Gigantic

S’camp 2013 was particularly awesome because of my green team experience. I got my friend from Istanbul, Turkey and my brother to join the team with me. I spotted all tickets and ended up paying under $50 for all three of us. One night, we showed up early for Big Gigantic’s throw-down. We were right… Read more »

Caitlin Loves the Green Team

Hey, My name is Caitlin Zenner and last year was my first Summer Camp and green team experience! I really wanted to go to summercamp but I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I signed up for green team and it was truly a rewarding experience. I was excited to go to my… Read more »