Digital Tape Machine Rages San Francisco

Two weeks ago, I attended OHMPHREY and Digital Tape Machine at Slim’s in San Francisco. It was a helluva show and really got me counting down the days until Summer Camp 2012.

This was my first time seeing OHM, and I gotta say it was incredibly cool to see former Megadeth guitarist


Chris Poland shred and jam in such a small venue. OHM has a cool sound – I heard some strong similarities to Extraction throughout their set but with a heavier and more gritty vibe.

OHMprey crushed an impressive set. With Joel and Kris coming into the picture, the sound became much more layered, funky and danceable. Sadly, Jake Cinninger was unable to attend the the show. Still, there was some immensely fun energy on stage with these guys fusing quite a few different musical styles.

DJ My Boy Elroy warmed us up with a short set before the rest of Digital Tape Machine joined him on stage. Instantly we were hit with deep bass tones from bass player Kevin

Marcus Rezak

Barry. They dove right into some serious   Guitarist Marcus Rezak is one of those players you can watch for hours. He plays with a crisp tone and gracefully tackles trancy melodies and shredding scales. As you’d probably expect him to do, Kris Meyers is the steam engine behind DTM.

The energy between keyboardists Joel Cummins and Joe Hettinga definitely pushed the improvisation of the band’s set. Despite being right next to one another, the two didn’t make much eye contact throughout the night but you hear them feeding off each other. At Summer Camp this year, I caught the keyboard workshop Joel and Joe ran (even though I don’t play keys) so it was cool to see them playing together once again.

I brought a few friends with me who have never seen Umphrey’s or even heard of Digital Tape Machine and they left the show smiling from ear to ear. Mission accomplished.

Anyhoo – I’m hoping to catch another late night DTM set at Summer Camp 2012. That’s for sure.

Digital Tape Machine

You can find some much better pictures from the show taken by Jake Pilmack with a real camera over at Jambase