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Funny Scamp Memories : Shoelaces

Friday night walking to the first Umphreys set I saw my shoes came untied. Since I was excited to get to the show I made the rash decision to wait and tie it once I got there (I like to live on the edge). A little later down the trail I ran into a group… Read more »


Well Saturday was a crazy day. I stayed inside alot more then I would have liked too because I don’t do too good in the rain. I finally got out in time to see Thievery Corporation. They just killed it. It took me all of ten seconds of that show to start getting warm again… Read more »

PreScamp Jitters

This upcoming week heading up to summercamp has been pretty hectic. First of all a huge musical Idol of mine passed away. Ray Manzarek , organist for The Doors, passed away. I have a special love of the doors , and was very upset to hear this news. Then My original frined who I was… Read more »

Memoirs of a Moe-ron

So I made it through Thursday night and it was amazing to say the least. I started off the night at Roster McCabe which just killed it. Majorly killed it, I woke up in a morgue this morning they killed it so hard. They did a cover of Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky”. When… Read more »