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Green Team Changed KX’s Life!

I came to the festival world as it was seemingly taking off in mainstream culture, the summer of 2011. My then-boyfriend, now best friend/ex/neighbor had been coming to SCAMP for several years, with his TRIBE, a group of friends that had sustained each other since middle school. Because I had come along to his picture… Read more »

Joe, The Loyal Green Teamer

First off I would just like to take a minute and thank you for being awesome and allowing people to have the chance to help keep the park clean while still attending a kickass festival. My favorite memory for the green team was my first year volunteering in 2011. You know….the year we all almost… Read more »

Kelly Has a Run In With Victor Wooten

I was a general volunteer this past year for 2013. I had no idea what to expect because not only was it my first year volunteering, but it was my first year at Summer Camp! I instantly fell in love with the campgrounds and the magical music all around me. All of my fellow volunteers… Read more »

Bloody Marys, Keller Williams and VIPs

well i have many. BUT.. my favorite volunteer memory is working the bar at the VIP tent during Keller Williams…WOW!! what a rush for Bloody Marys! holy smokes, i was sweating bullets. And the best part was heading back to that bar later in the night and having a brew with the folks i was… Read more »

Rodney Saves the Day for Karl Denson

I was lucky enough to get a job driving golf carts for SCamp last year. I wasn’t expecting the need for a 4×4 cart. Never letting a little rain and mud or a lot of both to hinder my mission, I drove that Saturday for 12hrs. During this shift I was assigned to take Karl… Read more »

Kristin Learns How to Make an Impact

This picture came from Day 3 of our Summer Camp Green Team Volunteer experience. You can probably tell from our expressions that we were a little skeptical of what we were about to get ourselves into on this last day of volunteer work! No one told us how much work sorting through peoples’ trash would… Read more »

Sarah Meets Victor Wooten While Making a Difference!

Dear Make a Difference Director, team of awesome difference making people, and fellow Scampers, I’ve attended every Summer Camp Festival since 2005, and each year the festival has improved its green initiatives. Summer Camp 2012 was my first year volunteering for the Green Team and it was an amazing experience! I chose the Green Team… Read more »

Two Love Birds and Victor Wooten Memories…

The following story was lived, re-lived, and put to paper by two proud green team volunteers, Cailin and Michael. (As told by Michael) Victor Wooten: the man, the legend, and no more than 3 feet away from our faces; we stood in shock. Watching, listening as a musical prodigy explained music as it exists in… Read more »