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Fare thee Well

Sunday is finally here after Saturday’s bitter cold rain. A majority of my time was spent inside my tent or the Vibe tent. There is a top layer of slop for about 6 inches on every trail in here but spirits are still high. The more serious of the wookie’s are still rolling with a… Read more »

The Beginning

Friday is now in the books. The weather was sunny, the night was cold, and the people were alive on the first official day of Summer Camp. Overnight it seemed there was a spontaneous combustion of tents filling every single inch of real estate in the woods. Hippie traps were plentiful.   Seeing a band… Read more »

The Hard Part is Over. Cheers.

Well after about five and a half hours in the car, a four-hour wait, and a three-hour nap in the lot I have made it to another Summer Camp successfully. I am also grateful that the people haven’t been as moody as the weather, it has been nothing but positivity. So after setting up and… Read more »