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The Whiskey Pigs @ The Tonic Room – Chicago 1/18/13

My trip to Chicago took me to an old favorite of mine, the Tonic Room. Located on Halsted right by the Fullerton Red Line and Depaul University. I was there to see a 3 piece bluegrass group from Southern Illinois called the Whistle Pigs that has started to gain some considerable steam in the areas surrounding… Read more »

Kinetix @ Lamasco Bar & Grill – Evansville, IN

I have good news for all you Scampers in the southern Illinois and southern IN area that usually have to travel quite a bit in order to catch some of your favorite bands of Summer Camp. For myself, living in rural southern IL, I almost always have to travel nearly 4 hours to Chicago if I… Read more »

Big Gigantic at the Canopy Club – Urbana, IL

Big Gigantic is a band I absolutely LOVE but have not had the chance to see live very many times. Therefore, last Sunday – tired from lack of sleep due to friends visiting for the holiday – both Derrick and I hit the road, driving over two hours to see Big G at the Canopy…. Read more »

The First Annual Spark Fire and Flow Event

We arrived at Three Sisters Park, unaccustomed to the emptiness. We have been there so many times for Summer Camp, it was odd to visit our Memorial Day weekend home without the bustle created by thousands of people. Once we parked and ventured into the woods it seemed almost surreal to walk down the familiar paths… Read more »

Saturday at Spark, Fire, Flow

Saturday began with an enormous storm. The sky was pitch black, the wind scratched violently and the rain pounded down. Branches were being snapped off trees like toothpicks and so campers were evacuated from their tents for safety reasons. Surprisingly as fast as the storm came and as terrible as it was, by the early afternoon it… Read more »

Summer Camp @ the Canopy Club

It’s been 4 months since Summer Camp and as festival season winds down I’m getting the itch to see some of my favorite Summer Camp musicians again. Lucky for us the Canopy Club in Champagne, IL has a great line-up of music all through October that includes  some of the best acts from this year’s… Read more »

Kinetix: A Great Rock Band with a Refreshing New Sound

Times have changed. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by information. Technology advances with leaps and bounds. Movies come out by the dozens. Music is growing and evolving at the same pace and there are so many bands and so many sounds and so many ways to listen. It can almost… Read more »

Universal Rhythm Assembly – Night One

On Friday June 22nd we arrived at the Universal River Assembly for the second half of Family Groove Company, and I’m glad we made it because they eased us into a great night of bumpin’ with their upbeat yet chill jams. The night was warm and pleasant, it was the my first trip to the Peoria… Read more »