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Thursday Pre Par-tay

Summer Camp 2013 has FINALLY arrived and the Thursday party was a blast.  It really set the stage for the rest of the festival…this year is set to be the best one yet!  In terms of music, I finally was able to catch Digital Tape Machine.  They put on a great show, as is expected… Read more »

You Will Never Be Camp Counselor if You Don’t Try…

Preparing for another ritualistic venture to Three Sisters Park; I can’t keep myself from reminiscing about last year.  The whole experience was crazy, everything about it – from deciding to enter and making the video to announcing moe.’s first set.  Entering the Camp Counselor 2012 Contest wasn’t even my idea to begin with – my… Read more »

What I Can’t Wait for at Summer Camp!

Summer Camp is just around the corner and I’ve been going back and forth thinking about which aspect I’m more excited about. I’m looking forward to hula hooping in the sun, seeing the amazing group of people and of course, I’m super pumped for the music! I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ve still made… Read more »

Rebelution @ Mr.Smalls in Pittsburgh 4/24/13

Since I saw Rebelution at All Good in 2010 I had been itching to see them again. Unfortunately last year I was unable to catch their Summer Camp set but last night I finally got the opportunity to scratch and caught their show at Mr. Smalls Theater.  As fortune would have it they stopped in… Read more »

PHISH – At last.

For many, many, many, and yes, many years I have been dying to see one particular band that I had heard so much about. One band that has the reputation of being the ultimate jam band, with a massive following that they have accumulated since their beginnings in 1983. On Friday June 29, 2012 I… Read more »

Beesonstock…Small, Local and Wonderful

There is something truly special about those small festivals that have local bands and small crowds. From the very moment we arrived at Beesonstock in Cisne, Southern Illinois, we already became friends with our neighbors to the right; and within a few more minutes became friends with our neighbors to the left. Both nights we… Read more »

Kinetix “Never Too Late” EP Release Tour

As their name suggests, Kinetix is the quintessence of energy.  The band exudes it; a commanding force of musical motion that they exert on stage and spreads to their audience.  I have been an avid fan since I saw them at Summer Camp 2012 (check out their set here.) Kinetix put everything into their show… Read more »

Laskin & Robinson – Defying Genres

Within moments of being around Adam, I knew that his relationship with music was unique.  It is more than unique, it is exceptional – he contains a musical vibe that emanates from his very being.  This aura executes actuality by transforming itself into rhythms and melodies in the form of neurons firing in his brain. … Read more »