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Post Summer Camp Blues

Monday 10AM – Made it out of the tent graveyard post festival zombieland that was Chillicothe’s Three Sisters Park. Our neighbors must have partied too hard because they left a completely intact upright 15′ X 15′ enclosed canopy at their site. We provided the land with these tiki torches which were nice ambience, but rather unwieldy to… Read more »

Dave’s Sunday Dusty Sunday

Sunday brought with it even hotter temperatures as reluctantly the festival was on its final day. No sooner had I finally settled into camp life suddenly there was a realization to make this last one count. My crew broke out the icy pops and chilled in the shade listening to some Greensky Bluegrass on the… Read more »

Video Blog: Part I,II,III Jaik Willis talks Summer Camp

The bearded solo guitarist was all over Summer Camp 2012 This interview is the first in a three part series shot in three unique locations. Part I explains why Summer Camp is such a good festival year after year. Click JAIK to experience the beard firsthand. Part II of our series has Jaik giving a roadside… Read more »

Video Blog: Interview w/ Rock the Earth

Executive Director Mark Ross and Volunteer Natalie Wade from Rock the Earth talk to me about their philanthropic organization and their success at Summer Camp Music Festival. Click ROCK to see video.  

Dave’s Saturday Recap

Saturday was stupid hot musically and temperature wise.  I now understand why adventurous campers stay in the woods during the day. It was a different world in the trees. One dub step dude was dragging a stone tied to a string and talking to it telling “Stoney” to “watch out” for those behind him. While… Read more »

Dave’s Summer Camp Friday Rewind

After shaking off the night before with some wake and bacon and eggs my Friday opened with Keller Williams on the Moonshine Stage.  Front row center I was able to finally witness the extraordinary one man band do his funky bass thang and was not disappointed. I’m not sure if Keller’s facial mannerisms signal anything… Read more »

Thursday Pre-Party Wrap-up

Finally. The moment has arrived. We are all one in the mad land rush that’s eerily akin to the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889.  Chillicothe’s newly established settlers staked their claim as the gates opened on Summer Camp 2012 and a flood of wagons were corralled up hills and down. Wind swept plains and swaying… Read more »

Pre Summer Camp Road Trippin Guide

For the uninitiated summer festival go-ers and seasoned veterans alike, one thing is certain once you have your golden tickets in hand. The excitement leading up to a music festival is palpable enough to make even the most “Type-A” dudette or broseph lose their rationale & logic when prepping for the adventure. Fear not my… Read more »