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Taylor Duffield’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Justin Shopinski “This was my first Summer Camp. I saw a lot of my friends, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of one. We were never close but less than a month later we got together. He changed the way I saw people the moment I saw him Friday afternoon. I would love… Read more »

Ryan Ayers’ Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Evan “My MVP goes to boy Evan who brought down his girl and two friends for their first year at the fest. Long story short Evan had to leave after Friday (which was raging until 5am SAT) to go home and be with his family. Boy is a class act, and family always should… Read more »

Ana Ramirez’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Neil Lynch “I would have to say my summer camp MVP would be Neil Lynch ( BUB ) . He is the one that bought my ticket and even upgraded it to VIP. He is my best friend and is always looking out for me. He made me realize how big the world is…. Read more »

Jennifer Karzin’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Kyle “Mama Bear” Troutman “Mama Bear is the life of the party! The reason that he got the name Mama Bear was because his first Summer Camp he over packed to the point that we were all making fun of him. We stopped making fun of him the first morning when he had an… Read more »

Monica Larson’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Louie “This is one of my (now) best friends Louie, he’s the person who single handedly made my summer camp 2012! Entering the festival we barely knew eachother and only really connected because we were both volunteers, since I was a volunteer the past few years I offered to help show him the ropes…. Read more »

Tyler Trashani’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Nathaniel Goodin “This years MVP is most definitely Nathaniel Goodin. No matter who you are, where you came from, if you are with this kid he will show you the time of your life and make you rage hard as hell. He is a kind and generous person who will always make you smile…. Read more »

Francis Hoffman’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: “Mama Bear” “My SCamp 2012 MVP is my boyfriend Mama Bear. It was my first concert experience and he showed me what it was all about, from the very first performance on Thursday to the way of the wookies on Sunday. I learned how important it was to bring duct tape for those broken… Read more »

Jordan Lesch’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Christian Hannon “After I graduated high school and left my hometown, I wouldn’t have imagined keeping in touch with Christian Hannon for years to come. We were teenagers set on different paths and fair-weather friends. We would see each other via mutual friends on weekends, occasionally exchanging conversations about electronic and improvisational music. I… Read more »

Amber Tapper’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Chris Koller “My MVP would be Chris Koller!! There were a few shows I wouldn’t have made it to if it weren’t for him! Pretty lights and Zeds Dead I would have totally regretted not seeing!!! Thankfully, he said we are going! He is one of my best friends and is willing to do… Read more »