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Sunday Sloppy Sunday

Sunday was destined to be a weird day. The weather projections had been strange throughout the week and ended up being completely right, it was strange – I’m getting ahead of myself. I woke up with my friend in my tent who asked me if someone had slashed or cut his tent. This bothered me and so… Read more »

Sunday Post – ‘Collaboration Nation’

One of the best things I’ve experienced here at Summer Camp is the collaboration of artists. For one, both Umphrey’s McGee and moe. clearly are at home here at Summer Camp. You can see it on their faces and hear it in their music – they want to be here and they’re so happy that we… Read more »

Jeff Greenswag’s Sunday Experience

Sunday, the saddest day of the festival…the last one. Back to the real world, I suppose. But this Sunday would be a great one. It started off with a little breakfast, I think I got the vegan breakfast in a cup which had yogurt and granola and juice all blended together. Very good, very refreshing. Due to… Read more »

The Mudpocalypse

I am so grateful that Summer Camp’s venue is chock full of woods for your camping pleasure. Besides the fact that the trees are beautiful, they provide excellent shade and you will never be “smoked” out of your tent from the blistering sun. This allows you to sleep in if you choose and on Sunday that is… Read more »

Everybody’s Dancing in a Ring Around the Sun

By Saturday Morning I was into my routine at Summer Camp 2011. I planned to rendezvous with my P-Town friends at Yoga around 10 AM This meant that I only got about five hours of rough sleep, which was intermittently, interrupted by the DJ at the next campsite. I will say that he played on… Read more »

Salacious Saturday

Friday ended up being a very late night – I mean any night that has bluegrass ‘til 3 am is probably gonna be a late night for me. Anyway, it took some work to get off the mattress and into the world that is Summer Camp. So after eating something a few friends and I… Read more »

Gotta Get Down on Friday

You must sleep in the forest, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Every year that I have gone to Summer Camp I’ve somehow managed to have a camping spot in the woods (mostly I have awesome friends). Anyway if you sleep in the forest there is abundant shade and it stays cool and you can… Read more »

Wet Wednesday and Throwdown Thursday

So for future reference, maybe only for myself, don’t get there at 3 am on Thursday morning during a rainstorm and expect everything to go perfectly. The rain kind of sucked and getting stuck in the mud didn’t make for a really happy crew, but we got three hours of sleep in the car and… Read more »

Twister and Whisky

When I woke up on Saturday morning I was excited. Of course I was excited about all the great music to come that day, but I was excited about field day. I was a part of Team Blue where our mascot was Cookie Monster and our slogan was “You’re My Boy Blue!” I was signed… Read more »

Saturday at Summer Camp 2011

Saturday was a little rainy…I geared up to prevent getting wet physically, although I was in for a day of getting wet mentally, and I didn’t even know it. Things started out for me at the Camping Stage. Savvy was putting forth their brand of Strange Funk which kept me dancing in the early hours… Read more »