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Jeff Greenswag’s June – Cervantes Summer Celebration

Cervantes Summer Celebration June 10th (Ape Tit feat. Members of the Big Motif) For those of you who live in Colorado, you know how fun a place Cervantes can be. And when they decided to have their Summer Celebration party this year featuring a bunch of local bands, I was ready to go…plus I just moved 3… Read more »

Nick Stock’s Recap: “Not Coming Down”

It’s been a little over two weeks since I got back home from Summer Camp and I’m still buzzing from the experience. Everything about the Summer Camp Counselor position from being selected by the people all the way to my private Cornmoe. show was truly mind-blowing. Even now, I have a hard putting the entire festival… Read more »

Jeff Greenswag’s Summer Camp 2011 Recap

Well, it took a week, but I am fully recovered. It took about 4 days physically and another 2 or 3 emotionally to readjust. There is just something about going to place as special as Summer Camp and then having to re-acclimate to life’s responsibilities. Overall, this was one of my best Summer Camp experiences. I met new… Read more »

Taraleigh Weathers “All Roads Lead To Home”

Summer Camp was a total trip! From showing up without my luggage to realizing on Monday morning that we didn’t have a ride to Chicago O’Hare Airport you would think that my time at Summer Camp would have been challenging. It was actually the opposite. It might have something to do with my laid back attitude and my… Read more »

Nick Stock’s Sunday ‘Catch A Cannonball’

Sunday was the culmination of my Summer Camp experience. Not only was the lineup jam-packed, but it was also the day of my private campsite show as well as my interview with moe. So it started nicely with me heading over to the barn to get cleaned up. The clouds looked ominous at this point but I was… Read more »

Natalie Fletcher’s Sunday Experience

Sunday, the technical last day of the fest and I feel like I didn’t get my fix. This was the day to go all out and enjoy everything for what it’s worth. But not today, we woke up to a rain/thunderstorm which sucked but was sweet at the same time. It’s really cool to be that close… Read more »