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Cornmeal at State Bridge

The year after I moved to the great state of Colorado one of our treasured refuges of music burnt to the ground. The main lodge of the famed State Bridge, home of Yarmony and countless concerts over the years, suffered an awful fate. A beautiful locale right on the Colorado River was the type of… Read more »

Let Me Hear The Music

Ok folks, there are a few things that the state of Wisconsin is known for and they are the cheese curds, the beer, the Wisconsin Dells and Summer Fest. Summer fest is the biggest music festival in the US an it is held through the month of July in Milwaukee. The weather was perfect, the… Read more »

Trichome at The Mishawaka

The great thing about the Summer Camp Music Festival is that even if you don’t catch a band while you are at the show you can still take note and see them back home. This year Trichome killed it and got the opportunity to jam with Rob Derhak. I was busy running around with my… Read more »

Oh Dave You Dog You

I bet you are wondering who I am talking about when I say Dave…… well I am talking about the one and only Dave Matthews and I got my first Dave show ever at the Dave Matthews Caravan in Chicago and it was a Chicago experience to remember. Lets start with the waking up at… Read more »

Did you see Digital Tape Machine at Summer Camp?

Did you see Digital Tape Machine at Summer Camp? I somehow missed it and after checking them out at their tour opener in Burlington, Vermont I am so sad. They were freakin awesome. Seriously. I loved them. They rocked my world. I couldn’t stop dancing, I didn’t want it to end. They rocked my socks… Read more »

Sirius XM are Making All My Dreams Come True

One of my life long goals is to tackle all forms of media so I can inspire people to live green, healthy and happy lives full of love, art and music. One outlet I’ve had my heart set on for a while is radio. The station I have been lusting after is Sirius XM Jam… Read more »

Pizza Party with Dr. Dog

They might not be a summer camp artist (yet) but I caught two nights of rock and roll with Dr. Dog at one of San Francisco’s most intimate venues, The Independent. I first saw these guys at music festival in the northeast a few years ago and I’ve been a fan since. They’re definitely making… Read more »

CAKE at the Ogden Theatre June 15th

June 15th was a Wednesday…not normally the most rockin’ day of the week, but this was not an ordinary Wednesday. Early 90s rockers CAKE were in town and my buddy got me a ticket to the show. We decided to make a day of it. Had some dinner, some drinks, met some new people, invited… Read more »