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Boombox at The Aggie 10-5-11

This one goes out to all those kids who wanted some more electronic coverage from Summer Camp. Obviously it’s not my genre of choice, but some of the bands can still hit close to the mark for me. I had listened to several tracks off of Boombox’s lastest album and was actually pretty excited to… Read more »

Dark Star Orchestra at The Aggie 10-7-11

Summer Camp always includes some sort of Dead Family Band in their lineup. Last year it was 7 Walkers but in 2009 that band was Dark Star Orchestra. So, Amy and I headed out to the Aggie to catch them. It was a nice night and the crowd was decent. Good people out for a… Read more »

EOTO in Burlington, Vermont 10/12/11

Burlington, VT has been on fire since the students have returned back to all of the colleges in the area.  There are a ton of amazing bands at the venues all over town each night that our biggest decision in life is what band to rock out to.  Life is very hard in Burlington:)  On… Read more »

Madison + EOTO = A Ragin Time

You know living where I live is pretty sweet. I only need to travel a few hours to get to all the best shows in towns like Milwaukee, Twin Cities, Chicago and of course Madison. A short 2 hour drive to Madison led me to The Majestic to see Colorado natives Michael Travis and Jason… Read more »

Death By Stereo

For all you Umphrey’s McGee fans I bet you were just as stoked to hear about a new UM cd as I was. Well it finally came in September and I could not wait to listen and guess what….I didn’t wait.  New songs to end a great summer is the bees knees and I was… Read more »

Brainchild Blows Up Road 34

So one band that I didn’t get to catch this year at Summer Camp was Peoria natives and 7 time festival alumni Brainchild. I heard they were making their way to Fort Collins as part of a three-night Colorado run. So on a crispy Saturday night in the Fort I headed down with Amy and… Read more »

Keller Williams at The Mish

Keller and The Keels at The Mishawaka So my good friends Sean and Cristi raced to get into town early for Phish so they could meet us before heading up to The Mishawaka. It was time for some old fashioned K-Dub goodness up the canyon. The second of his two-night stand featured not only Keller’s… Read more »

Tedeschi Trucks Band, Fort Collins, CO 8/10/11

The date was Saturday, August 10th. The place was Fort Collins, CO. And the show was the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Dear lord. If anyone can show me a better husband and wife guitar duo, I’ll buy you a late night ticket to SCAMP 2012…While Tedeschi Trucks was not the only act to play that night,… Read more »