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Ain’t Art Grand: An Interview with Photographer Brian Spady

Photo courtesy of Spady Photography

It’s hard not to notice photographer Brian Spady tramping through Summer Camp Music Festival with some pretty impressive equipment, trying to capture all those epic moments you wish to relive over and over again.  Every time we see his work it brings us back to those precious moments and we can’t help but smile from… Read more »

The Tragedy of Phicago

This is the story told by a girl who survived the Chicago Phish shows that took place in July of 2013. Friday I was starting to get stuck in a rut called being an adult.  My day to day activities had become monotonous and I kind of preferred it that way.  I definitely wasn’t prepared for one… Read more »

STUMP Tour 2013: Indianapolis

Photo by Jake Plimack

Indianapolis holds a special place in Umphrey’s McGee history.  The band loves playing this city and they always have a great turnout from both fans and family.  STS9, on the other had, capitalized on an opportunity to expand their fan base on STUMP tour by infiltrating Umph territory and impressing everyone with a stellar performance in the midst of a… Read more »

STUMP Tour 2013: Louisville, KY

My journey to the land of STUMP started with a four and a half hour drive from Chicago to Louisville, KY.  The last time I was in this beautiful city was when Umphrey’s McGee and Conspirator closed out an early fall tour at the Iroquois Amphitheater last September.  This time around Umph went bit more classy by booking in one of the swankiest venues in town and asking… Read more »

STS9 & Umphrey’s McGee Summer Tour Preview

  It’s been quite a while since Umphrey’s McGee and STS9 co-headlined a tour together.  These bands have changed a lot over the last 6 years in both music production and with their party boy lifestyles.  This evolutionary progress has created two mega beasts in the world of jambands and time has come for these titans to clash once more. Tribe and Umphrey’s will be kicking… Read more »

Dumpstaphunk’s Dirty Word

Dumpstaphunk played the House of Blues in Chicago on Friday, July 19th as Phish’s official late night show.  In all honesty, this show was the highlight of my evening, especially since Phish was forced to cancel early due to a nasty storm that swept through the city.  Along with opening act, The Revivalist, Dumpstaphunk threw down one top notch funky dance party that lasted until… Read more »

Preview: Phish Late Nights in Chicago

This weekend Phish will be taking over Chicago for a three night run at Northerly Island.  With Saturday already sold out, Kuroda sporting a new light rig, and a completely revamped venue, this is bound to be a throwdown!  But the party doesn’t stop there!  Quite a few Summer Camp favorites are playing late night shows all around Chicago this weekend. … Read more »

Album Review: A Color Map of the Sun

Pretty Lights’ newest album, A Color Map of the Sun, just dropped and let me be the first to say that this is one high quality, groove pumping, tastefully produced record.  The progression of the album makes the listener feel like they are on a journey through the human condition, experiencing every emotion possible through their… Read more »

Interview With Dubstep / Glitch Hop DJ Minnesota

On Friday afternoon at Summer Camp 2013 the good people at Scamp HQ asked if I wanted to interview a dubstep DJ.  I had no time whatsoever to prepare and I was not really familiar with his sound.  On top of that, this was actually the first interview I have ever done with any artist EVER!  Not knowing a thing… Read more »

Carmel’s Scamp 2013 Overview

I could probably write a book about my 2013 Summer Camp experience.  There is a variety pack of blogs I have planned for the future and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite vendors, festy food, and artist interviews with my all my Scamp family. For now, I want to share a video… Read more »