You have questions. We (try our best to) have answers. The following questions and answers are compiled from previous years festivals. We’re providing these as “guides” to help you with your Summer Camp experience, but all policies are subject to change. Please check back to the web site regularly for any updates.

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Camping Questions

What is the difference between campgrounds and festival grounds?
There’s no difference. Once you enter the gate, you are within festival grounds and campgrounds. There are, however, set “camping areas”, and a difference between “camping areas” and “concert areas”. While you may bring outside food and beverage (no outside alcohol) into the grounds, you may not bring any outside food or beverages into the designated “concert areas”.

Are there assigned camp spots? Family, substance free, safe, etc?
There are no assigned campgrounds other than VIP camping. There is an area designated for substance free camping, which is open to families as well.

What are the shower facilities?
We have indoor shower trailers with air conditioning and hot water. These are available for a small fee in General Camping. There are also showers in the VIP Campground, and those facilities are free for those campers with VIP credentials.

What are the bathroom facilities?
Air conditioned bathroom trailers with full flushing toilets and rinse sinks are provided in the General Campground just north of the RV area near the showers. There are also port-a-potties disbursed throughout the festival grounds.

What time do bathrooms/showers close?
Port-a-Potties never close. The bathroom & shower trailers close at 9pm in the general festival grounds, but bathrooms and shower trailers are open 24 hours in VIP for those campers with VIP credentials.

What do the bars offer?
Bars at the festival offer everything from soda & water, to draft beers, mixed drinks and specialty cocktails.

What kind of food is available?
Summer Camp offers over 25 varieties of food vendors, including fresh foods, pizzas, sandwiches, vegetables/fruits, breakfast foods (with Coffee!) and much more.

What charging options are available for my electronics?
Solar Go will be offering custom branded Summer Camp USB cell phone recharging batteries on site this year at the festival!

Are lockers available? 
3-Day General Admission area lockers are available WITHOUT cellphone chargers, while 3-Day VIP area lockers are available with cellphone chargers inside! Each locker allows you unlimited in and out access to your locker throughout the day. Lockers measure approximately 8″ H x 12″ W x 18″ D.

What is allowed in the festival?
See Camping Rules.

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VIP/RV Questions

Please read our RV Guidelines HERE.
Can you camp next to your vehicle?
No vehicles are allowed in festival grounds unless you have an RV pass. See Camping Rules for more info.

If my friends do not have VIP, but I do, can they camp with me?
Sorry, Charlie. You must have a VIP wristband/ticket to enter VIP campgrounds. Of course as a VIP you are welcome to camp in the general campground as well.

What’s the difference between RV and VIP?
In order to pull an RV into the festival grounds you must have an RV ticket/pass. As there are a limited number of both electric and non-electric spots available, we recommend you buy one of these in advance. Electric and non-electric RV Passes will be available soon. There is no RV parking allowed in the VIP Campgrounds. The VIP Campgrounds are on the opposite side of the park from the RV Parking lot. Please read our RV Guidelines HERE.

Do you have to purchase an RV spot if you purchased VIP but have an RV?
Yes. As mentioned above, there is no RV Parking available in the VIP Campgrounds.

What are discounted drinks in the VIP bar?
The VIP Bar serves discounted drinks to VIPs all weekend long. These discounts vary from day-to-day. In order to gain access into the VIP Bar, you must purchase a VIP Upgrade.

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Late Night Questions

Are late night sets the only sets band play?
Every band that plays Summer Camp will play a day set open to every patron. Late night sets are IN ADDITION to all other sets.

Why are late night shows in the barn ticketed?
Late Night shows in the Red Barn require an extra ticket because the Barn just isn’t that big, and there are additional costs associated with producing the Late Night shows (pay artists, stage, sound, lights security, etc.) Since not all patrons can attend these events, we think it’s only fair that those that get to experience them pay the extra costs rather than make everyone pay for it, and only allow some people in. Check out our Late Night page for more information on late nights.

Why do the late night shows not happen on the Main Stages?
Local noise ordinances require that the main stage music end at 1am all 3 days of the festival.

Are all late nights ticketed?
No. Summer Camp offers a variety of late night options including Campfire Jams, Soulshine performances, and late night DJs in the Vibes Tent.

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Festival Entry Questions

Can I bring my dog, cat, hamster, or bird?
No pets of any kind are allowed on the festival grounds.

What kind of accessibility is available at Summer Camp?
Please see our Accessibility Info.

Will my car be searched when I entered? Will anything be searched?
Vehicles are not searched to enter the parking lot at Summer Camp. However, your items are searched as you enter the festival campgrounds. This includes RVs and cars entering the grounds with an RV pass.

When is the earliest I can arrive on Thursday or Friday?
Gates open on Thursday at noon for Pre-Party ticket holders. Gates open at 8am on Friday for 3 day pass holders.

Can I come and go from Summer Camp as I please?
As long as your wristband is in place, you may leave and enter gates as you would like.

What time do gates open/close?
The gates are open 24 hours at Summer Camp once they open for the Thursday Pre-Party.

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Ticketing Questions

Do you have to purchase a 3 day pass AND a VIP ticket? At the same time?
The tickets do not have to be purchased together. However, you must have both a 3 day pass and a VIP upgrade in order to receive your VIP wristband at the gate.

Do you have to have a Pre-Party Pass/3 Day admission to get into Thur late night?
Yes. You must have both a Pre-Party pass and a 3 day pass.

What does the Pre-Party pass get you?
The Pre-Party pass gets you early entry to the festival on Thursday at noon. This must be accompanied by a 3 day pass.

What age do children pay?
Children under 6 gain free admission to the festival. Children 6-12 years of age are half price, at the gate only.

Didn’t receive your ticket in the mail/email?
Please visit http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/help.jsp for help.

How do I refund my ticket?
There are no refunds. The event is rain or shine. The purchaser and/or bearer of a Summer Camp Music Festival ticket understands that he/she is purchasing this ticket to the Summer Camp Music Festival and not a particular artist’s performance. The festival is outdoors and weather conditions will affect the performances of all entertainers and there is a possibility that a particular performer may not be able to perform due to weather conditions. Thus, the purchaser and/or bearer of the ticket understands, acknowledges and will not expect a refund for the purchase of the ticket for any talent cancellations for any reason. Talent line-up and schedule are subject to change at any time.

What is the difference between each VIP package, parking?
The regular VIP package offers parking across from VIP camping, which is closer than the regular parking lot. VIP Deluxe and Super Deluxe get the front spots in this VIP parking area.

When will tickets increase in cost?
Each ticket increase can happen without notice, so purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

How do single day passes work?
Single day tickets in the past have been available for Sunday Only. Information regarding on sale and pricing of these tickets will be available on our website.

How can I pay for my tickets if I don’t have a credit card?
At this time, tickets are only available in advance via etix.com. to be purchased with a credit card. Cash may be used at the gate.

What if I already purchased a Pre-Party pass, but I want to upgrade to VIP?
Contact etix.com or 1-800-514-ETIX to request an exchange.

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Travel/Lodging Questions

What’s the closest airport?
Peoria airport

Are there shuttles from Peoria/other hotels?
Rally Bus offers Luxury Buses to Summer Camp 2015, for a fraction of the cost of driving. Book your seat today!

What is the closest hotel lodging?
Peoria is the closest town with hotels.

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Music/Festival Questions

Is this a children’s summer camp?
Nope, this is a music festival featuring 100+ bands, 7 stages, and 3 days of music. See our About page for more info. For children, we offer a Kid’s Camp.

How many stages, bands, shows?
100+ bands, 7 stages, over 3 days of music.

What else happens besides music?
Other than music, Summer Camp offers unique vending, kids friendly activities, nonprofit outreach, art shows and sales, greening and humanities education, musician workshops, our Field Day activities where teams compete in a variety of games and challenges, great food and much more.

Who do I reach out to for press info?
Contact Andrew Stone, Andrew@LoudWhisperMedia.com for press information.

I want my band to play, who do I talk to?
Please email Mike Armintrout, mikea@jaytv.com for further information regarding band booking at Summer Camp.

Where can I get Summer Camp merchandise?
You can purchase Summer Camp merchandise at the festival in the merch tent. Some past Summer Camp merchandise can be purchased via moe.’s website at http://moe.merchnow.com.

How can I apply for street team, green team, or volunteering?
To apply for street team or for more information, please email streetteam@summercampfestival.com. To apply for volunteering or Green Team, please see our Volunteer page.

Is there WiFi?
There is no WiFi available at Summer Camp Music Festival.

What kind of accessibility is available at Summer Camp?
Please see our Accessibility info.

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Volunteer/Green Team/Soulshine Ambassador Questions

When may I apply?

Applications to join the a volunteer team for Summer Camp Music Festival will be accepted from January 1st through May 8th, or until all positions are filled.

Can I sign up for a volunteer team when I get to the event?

Applicants with cash deposits may be accepted at the gate until all positions are filled. However, it is very possible that all positions will be filled prior to the festival, so it is best to get your volunteer team Deposit Ticket as soon as possible.

What do I need to do to apply to be a volunteer for Summer Camp?

All applicants must purchase a volunteer deposit ticket through either the APPLICATION PAGE above or ticket page on the Summer Camp Festival website using a major credit card, as indicated on the site.  After purchasing the deposit ticket, applicants must fill out the volunteer form entirely, INCLUDING THE TICKET SERIAL NUMBER (this is the number included in your confirmation email) and the NAME ON THE CREDIT CARD.

Deposits will be credited to respective credit cards after the festival with completion of all required shifts. Members who complete their hours will receive the price of the deposit back, less the nonrefundable $15 application fee.  If for any reason an applicant is denied to volunteer, the applicant will be notified as soon as possible and the deposit (less the application fee) will be credited to the respective credit card. *Cash applications will no longer be accepted prior to the festival unless otherwise arranged. However, should positions still be available at the time of the event, cash applications will be accepted at the Volunteer Check-In.

What kinds of responsibilities are required of volunteer team members?

See Volunteer Responsibilities.

How much time must a volunteer commit?

General Volunteers will work three (3) five (5) hour shifts throughout the weekend.  Everyone will work at least two shifts Friday through Sunday with the option of requesting shifts on Thursday or Monday.

Green Team volunteers have two options of completing hours, but every Green Team member will complete one sorting shift.  Green Team members can either work two (2) five (5) hour shifts AND one (1) four (4) hour sorting shift OR may choose to work three (3) four (4) hour sorting shifts.

Soulshine Ambassadors will volunteer a total of 18 hours over 3 days, broken up into 2 hour shifts.

What happens if I am relieved of my responsibilities by my supervisor because I am under the influence?

If any volunteer Manager feels that a team member is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and cannot perform the assigned duties, the volunteer will be relieved of duties and forfeit the deposit. Absolutely no exceptions will be made or discussed.

A team member may also be relieved of duties if the supervisor does not feel the team member has completed duties as requested, or completed their shift at their designated assignment.  In this case, said team member will forfeit deposit.

Can I request when I work or build my own schedule?

Due to the large volume of volunteers at Summer Camp, we allow one request, but CAN NOT GUARANTEE it be met.  Team members may request to work at the same time as a friend, to see a specific show, or to NOT work on certain days (i.e. will not be arriving til Friday night so can not work until Saturday morning).  Only ONE of these requests will be taken into consideration.

Can I get a refund for a General Admission ticket I purchased and still be a part of either volunteer team?

Unfortunately regular purchased tickets cannot be refunded. ALL team members must purchase the appropriate Deposit Ticket in order to join a volunteer team.

Can I work on Thursday or Monday?

Applicants should mark on their applications to signify whether or not they will be available to work Thursday or Monday. If Thursday or Monday is marked as available, the applicant must be available to work Thursday or Monday, however that does not guarantee a shift on Thursday or Monday.

What time do I need to be present if I would like to work on Thursday?

Members who are scheduled to work Thursday morning (8am) or afternoon (12pm) will be asked to arrive at the festival on Wednesday evening, before gates open.  Those working later in the evening (4pm or 8pm) may arrive on site on Thursday, as long as enough time is allowed to get through the volunteer check in and entry gates.

How old do I need to be in order to join a volunteer team?

Applicants must be able to provide proof of age that he or she is 18 or older by the first day of his or her volunteering at the festival.  If an applicant is not 18 or older, a parent/guardian must provide signature.

Will team members work more than one shift per day?

No team member will work more than one shift per day, nor may it be requested.

How is the schedule created?

Volunteers are scheduled randomly over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the possibility of shifts on Thursday or Monday if requested by said team member.

Every shift begins on either 8am, 12pm, 4pm or 8pm hours lasting 5 hours (unless sorting on the Green Team, then lasting 4 hours).  Monday shifts begin at 9am or 1pm, to allow everyone an extra hour of sleep.

How do I know when I am confirmed to be on a volunteer team?

Once an applicant’s ticket confirmation and application are BOTH received, the applicant is AUTOMATICALLY accepted.  You will only receive an email if there are errors in your application.

Why is my deposit ticket will-call only?  Where do I get my wristband?

Deposit tickets are will-call only so that there is no confusion at the box office and your ticket does not get scanned (as scanned tickets can not be refunded!).  You will go to HR to pick up your wristband when you arrive at the festival, not the box office.  Don’t worry, all of this will be sent out in detail to confirmed volunteers before the festival!

When/how will I know what my schedule is?

Once the music schedule is released, volunteer managers will email a schedule request form.  Final schedules will be emailed to accepted team members the week prior to Summer Camp Music Festival.

What forms of payment are accepted?

ONLY credit cards will be accepted prior to the event. ONLY cash will be accepted at the gate, if positions are still available.

What if I do not purchase a ticket before I send my application?

Our system is set up so that it is not possible to fill out an application before purchasing a Deposit ticket.  If somehow this is completed, your application will be void until a Deposit Ticket is purchased.

When do volunteers receive their returned deposit?

In return for working the specified shifts, team members will be credited their deposit to the respective credit card 15 WORKING days after the festival.

What if I send my application and payment and for some reason am not accepted?

If for some unseen reason an applicant is not accepted and payment has been received, the applicant will be credited on the respective credit card in full, less the application fee of the Deposit Ticket.

What do volunteers receive?

In return for working the specified shifts, team members will be credited their deposit 15 WORKING DAYS after the festival. Team members DO NOT receive free merchandise, preferred camping, or any specialty tickets (i.e. late night, VIP, etc).  All team members may enter the festival on Thursday without purchasing a Pre-Party Pass.

What happens if I sign-up as a volunteer and fail to show up for a shift, or to the festival at all?

If you register as a volunteer and are accepted, but do not show up to work a shift or even show up at the festival at all, you will forfeit your deposit and your credit card will not be credited.

Do volunteers camp in a specific area?

All team members may camp in any general area. Team members may not camp in VIP (unless a VIP ticket has been purchased) or Staff camping.

Are there opportunities to volunteer other than at the festival (i.e. street team)?

Yes. You may inquire about the Summer Camp Street Team by emailing streetteam@summercampfestival.com.

Where may I direct other questions not answered by this FAQ?

Please read the entire most recent FAQ menu before sending a question.

General Volunteers: volunteers@summercampfestival.com

Green Team: greenteam@summercampfestival.com

Soulshine Ambassadors: soulshine@summercampfestival.com

Where may I direct suggestions?

If you have serious suggestions from past volunteering experiences or just in general, or would simply like to share your memories please e-mail: volunteers@summercampfestival.com or greenteam@summercampfestival.com



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Where may I direct other questions or suggestions not answered by this FAQ?

Please read this entire list before sending a question. If your question is not answered here, please complete our contact form and select the appropriate question category from the dropdown menu.

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