Previewing the Talented Artists on the 2014 VIP Lounge Lineup!

What up my fellow SCampers… can anyone say “WOWSERS”?! What a lineup we have already, I still can’t even wrap my entire head around the amount of fantastic live music that is in store for us this year!

What I am about to show you now might make your head pop off so might want to sit down. We have EVEN MORE greatness in store for the SCampers who decide to roll VIP – if you haven’t partied in the VIP lounge before, you are really missing out!!!!

Without further ado I present to you my favorites from the 2014 VIP Lounge performance lineup:

Keller Williams

If you haven’t noticed Keller has been one of the most booked Summer Camp artists since the beginning. His performances have always been evolving including playing various styles and instruments. Sometimes he plays as a one man band, sometimes he plays with a house band and always brings something new and creative to the table. ¬†Here is a clip from his 2013 VIP lounge performance covering Bass Head by Bassnectar:

Victor Wooten

Victor has also been a staple for many years at the festival. He is one of my favorite musicians period. His skills on the bass guitar are legendary. Last year I think he performed with around ten different acts over the weekend. Here is a clip of Victor playing with members of Family Groove Company, Brainchild, and Roosevelt Collier in the VIP Lounge last year.


Floodwood is a progressive string band featuring the combined talents of Woodenspoon’s Jason Barady, Nick Piccininni, and Zachary Fleitz, plus moe.’s Al Schnier and Vinnie Amico. I have yet to witness this amazing talent and I will definitely be in the V.I.P. lounge when this happens!

Mike Dillon Band

First time I saw Mike Dillon perform I think my head popped off. He is one of the best vibraphonists in the world. His trumpeter Carly Meyers is no joke either! Here is him playing with Jim Loughlin of moe. last year.


New to Summer Camp but not new to American Reggae music at all. This band originally formed in 1998 in northern California and has produced over 10 studio albums to date. I am one very excited SCamper to be getting down VIP style to these guys!

Also playing in the VIP lounge throughout the weekend will be Cherub, Break Science, The Floozies, Cosby Sweater, Sun Stereo, and Wyllys.

VIP tickets can be purchased here. I can’t wait to be back in Chillicothe!!