Lotus – Stage AE – Pittsburgh – 2/1/14

Lotus in Pittsburgh

Lotus tops my list of bands that I have to see if I get a chance and since I was back in the Pittsburgh area I had to make it to this show. I had already had the pleasure of seeing Lotus at the Canopy Club earlier this year. It’s really an awesome experience to get to see a band at several stops along their tour. I’m hoping to catch them one more time before festival season is upon us.

Stage AE is a great venue, easy to get a drink, and the downtown Pittsburgh atmosphere is really one of the best in the country. Stage AE sits just a few hundred feet from the meeting of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers which merge at the point to form the Ohio River. The view of the city, river valley, and rivers could not be more incredible. It is really a beautiful place to see live music. As a side note, Pittsburgh is also home to Mr. Smalls Theater and The Rex Theater which are always hosts to lots of great music including Lotus at Mr. Smalls a few years ago.


As opposed to the last time they were at the Canopy Club, Lotus just played one set in Pittsburgh, which was awesome because I go to hear extended versions of several of the songs they played the Canopy back in November. The place was as crowded as I’ve ever seen Stage AE and the energy from the audience was great. The show kicked off with Wax which of course was a crowd favorite from the 2007 album Escaping Sargasso Sea. Wax is THE song that plays through my head when I think about Lotus. It’s an tune they’ve been playing for awhile and it really is the quintessential song to represent Lotus’ “sound.” Classic rock, funk, heavy metal, and contemporary electronic beats. I was lucky enough to hear it at both shows I’ve seen this tour!


The show ended with an Umbillical Moonrise encore that definitely left everyone wanting more. The relaxing and smooth roll of this song is however an inspiring note to leave a show on. This song really gives you the feeling of something bigger surrounding you as the guitar bounces around the room and the crowd sways and cheers. It’s amazing to be with so many people and all be on the same page. Music and people like this are one of the greatest things in life and I’m so glad I get to share so much of my time with good bands and people. Lotus is a must see.

Here is the set list, including a live recording by Bean that is incredibly high quality. Thanks really have go out to the awesome tapers everywhere! Thank one when you see one!

Set List: Wax – Blacklight – Sunflare – L’immueble > Massif Opo – Lead Pipe > Dowrn – The Robots – Through the Mirror > Greet the Mind – Marisol – Flower Sermon

E: Umbillical Moonrise