New Album Review: Big Gigantic – The Night is Young

Screen_Shot_2014-01-27_at_2.57.00_PMBig Gigantic continues to redefine the EDM genre with their album, The Night is Young. Just 8 songs clocking in at 35 minutes, the album is jam packed with the familiar yet fresh sound of Jeremy Salken on the drums and Dominic Lalli as producer and saxophone. An eclectic combination of hip-hop and jazz, with influences of funk and electronica, Big Gigantic has continued to show their mastery of their own niche that has translated into highly successful year-round touring since forming in 2008, including 3 appearances at our very own Summer Camp Music Festival.

Two years after Nocturnal reached #2 on iTunes electronic charts, expectations were high for the latest free download album of the game-changing duo that is Big Gigantic.

The album kicks off “Clvdbvrst,” a word without any vowels, so I simply read it as “Cloudburst.” This track exemplifies the unique sound of Big Gigantic that sets them apart from the rest of the electronic scene – the dubstep intro that leads up into Lalli bursting through with a soaring saxophone solo, the signature of Big Gigantic’s live show. Like my alliteration there? “Blue Dream” really frees up more space for Lalli to explore, a song that reminds me of “Fantastic” from Nocturnal. 

Things really get going now with the third track, album-titled “The Night is Young” featuring Cherub. The easiest song to dance to on the track, it wouldn’t be surprising to see The Night is Young climb through the charts and be featured on heavy radio play. One listen and you’ll see why the album is titled after this one.

Like “The Night is Young”, “Touch the Sky” features more vocals and the chemistry between Lalli and Salken really shine with their consistent synchronicity and ability to stop-and-start up the bridge into the drop.

The melody segues perfectly into “From Dusk til Dawn” which is quick to embrace Lalli’s production skills and once again proving his value is more than just his saxophone skills. Big Gigantic fans should already be familiar with “Let’s Go!”, a song already made popular from their live versions. Check out “Let’s Go!” in HD from a headlining performance with AXS TV here:

“Just For the Thrill” and “Shooting Stars” close out the album. “Shooting Stars” provides some great fitting variety to finish the album on a feel-good note. A softer tune that provides sensual emotion which isn’t typically seen from Big G which I love. I have been hoping for a bit of variety from this album, which is met in this song. A perfect song to dance under the stars with the one you love.

As usual, the album is available for free download at Big Gigantic’s website. Feeling generous? Monetarily support Big Gigantic with an iTunes download. Feeling like dancing? Check out the experience for yourself live as Big G is now touring in a city near you.