Show Review: Lotus in Rochester, NY

LotusYou know that band that whenever you see them, they never let you down live? For me, Lotus is that act!

I was able to catch Lotus bring the heat in Rochester, NY at the Water Street Music Hall on January 30th. I was extremely excited for this show as I haven’t seen them since the end of August. Seriously, I stand by what I said above. They are always amazing live, and Lotus is an act you need to make sure that you see at Summer Camp this year!

Lotus is made up of Mike Rempel on guitar, Jesse Miller on bass and sampler, Luke miller on guitar and keys, Mike Greenfield on drums, and Chuck Morris on percussion.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw lotus, I was blown away! The first time you see any act, it leaves a huge first impression. If you see an act live that’s just horrible, odds are if they come around again, you’ll skip it; or perhaps you will be just going back into it hoping you saw a bad show. Lotus of course left a great impression on me and continues to do so. For an added bonus, not only are these dudes amazing musicians, but they are so unbelievably humble if you ever have the opportunity to speak with them!

FUN FACT: Lotus is considered a multi-genre band incorporating rock, electronica, jazz, jam, hip-hop, funk, and many other influences.

Opening up the show was one of my favorite acts to see around the Western New York area, Papi Chulo. He for sure got the party started! He literally rages so many different styles of music including dubstep, electro house, glitch-hop, drum and bass, and much more. I was grooving his whole set, and if you like to boogy, you should check out this live track when he opened up for Bonobo.

Lotus was up next and they blew me away for the millionth time (seriously, I lost count how many times I have seen them live).

Set I:

Bellwether, Aschon, Neon Tubes, Opo, Wooly Mammoth, Bubonic Tonic -> Tip of the Tongue.

Set II

Debris, Golden Ghost, Livingston Storm, Different Dream, IACTMN -> Wax

It was a very awesome first set. I was in the photo pit for the first couple songs, and then the rest of the show I ventured into the balcony which I rarely do at venues, but it was really glorious for this show.

Highlight songs for me at this was Opo, Bubonic Tonic, and Livingston Storm! I was really hoping to hear Spirtualize as I haven’t heard it in a long time, but that didn’t make or break their top notch performance.

Lotus also has a visually stunning light show. Around the summer time, they added these light bars to their already stellar gear and personally love them. When they get into those intense jams and the lights are all dark except for these multi colored bars that go from top to bottom / vise versa, it just looks beautiful. It really adds to the intensity of their jams! Closing my eyes during certain parts and just really letting the music hit you can be just as equally stunning!

If you ever get the chance to see Lotus, I HIGHLY recommend it! When they rage Summer Camp in May, I REALLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you do not miss their set!

Check this video out from when Lotus played Summer Camp in 2011:


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