Concert Recap: Lotus at the Canopy Club on November 3

Lotus is one of my favorite bands and has had several amazing sets at Summercamp so I was pumped for them to be at my favorite venue, the Canopy Club!


I probably say this every other post, but the Canopy Club is one of the most intimate and impressive places to see a show. There is hardly anywhere I’ve ever been (excluding tiny places) where you can get so close to the artists without even trying. This show didn’t disappoint and I decided to take a different angle with this post and just show you the light show.

We weren’t lucky enough to have Lotus in 2013 but I found a couple of awesome clips of their performance from 2012 which was great. They played the Sunshine stage and totally tore it up with set that included some crowd favorites and a lot more metal than we are normally used to from Lotus.

As far as this show, I vividly remember all the purples, blues, and greens and the way the colors put me in a perfect place. The light show and the music are always one with Lotus and they always seem to top themselves. I also got to hear a few of my favorites Uffi and Bush Pilot from the Encore.

I included the set list below, but I haven’t found a place where you can download the show for free…

Set One: Harps, Break Build Burn, Wax, The Oaks, Bubonic Tonic > We Are Now Connected, Uffi

Set Two: Through the Mirror, Lucid Awakening, Different Dream, Umbilical Moonrise, Flower Sermon

Encore: 72 Hours Awake, Bush Pilot, age of Inexperience