Papadosio’s Fall Tour 2K13! Reviewing Their November 5th Buffalo Show…

Papadosio’s loyal fan base has grown at an insane rate over the past couple of years, and if you have seen them live you will understand. Papadosio’s 5 piece group from Athens Ohio had Summer Camp grooving when they played the Starshine stage this past year.

Papadosio is like no other band I have ever seen. They’re unique blend of progressive rock and electronic music creates a dance party like no other. Being a fan of Papadosio is more like a Family. They have been holding their own festival, Rootwire, since 2010 in Logan Ohio. I still haven’t made it to Rootwire, but anyone who has ever had the pleasure of attending has never had one negative remark about the festival. My brother speaks great words about the fest.

Right before Summer Camp, I was able to attend Spring Dance at Nelson Ledge’s Quarry Park. It was two nights of Papadosio right on the beach. The weather wasn’t ideal, but at music festivals, the weather is the least of my worries. I’m there to have a good time, and nothing gets in the way of that! They killed it both nights!

Papadosio is currently on an extensive tour, and I was thrilled to have caught it as it rolled through Buffalo on Tuesday, November 5th. I have seen Papadosio ever since their debut in the chicken wing city. Each time, I have seen them evolve in such a positive way. They have also changed venues each time which is awesome, getting a bigger crowd. This past time, they played the awesome Town Ballroom which is a stunning room to play in. The energy was radiating all night.

Opening up was Papadosio’s own Anthony Thogmartin, performing as Earth Cry. I have been waiting the opportunity to see Earth Cry and was glad I did. Earth Cry has such an atmospheric sound. It had me closing my eyes and really just letting it pierce through me. I was a huge fan. If you have never heard of Earth Cry, check out this track:

Once Anthony was done, it was about 15 minutes before Papadosio came out. I have been a huge fan of their lighting set up! They use these LCD screens hand in hand with some other killer lighting which makes their production very cool. They images and videos they show during their sets are very beautiful. Ranging from Indian art to anti GMO images, it’s very cool stuff.

Their performance was top notch as usual. Anthony’s vocals are very soothing not only on their recorded albums, but live as well. Their lyrics are so powerful and keep me engaged the whole time. Everyone at their shows are always so happy! The vibe is always so amazing at a Papadosio show, which brings me back to their fans are like family. Everyone is so friendly. When you look around, everyone is smiling. It’s such a great sight!

I highly recommend seeing them on this tour! You still have plenty of chances to see them!

Papadosio’s Upcoming Tour Dates

  • 11/13 – Ziggy’s – Winston-Salem, NC
  • 11/14 – Chop Shop – Charlotte, NC
  • 11/15 – The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
  • 11/16 – Music Farm, Charlston, SC
  • 11/29 – Bogart’s – Cincinatti, OH
  • 11/30 – House of Blues Cleveland – Cleveland, OH
  • 12/12 – State Theatre – St. Petersburg, FL
  • 12/13 – Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 12/14 – Freebird Live – Jacksonville, FL
  • `12/16 – Mayan Holidaze – Puerto Morelos, MX
  • 12/20 – ” Earth Night ” – L.C. Pavillion – Columbus, OH
  • 12/21 – ” Earth Night ” – L.C. Pavillion – Columbus, OH
  • 12/27 – The National – Richmond, VA
  • 12/28 – The Norva – Norfolk, VA
  • 12/29 – Ziggy’s by the Sea – Wilmington, NC
  • 12/30 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
  • 12/31 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD