Animal Liberation Orchestra – Lake Tahoe – Horizon Casino – 7/30/2013

Animal Liberation Orchestra

There aren’t many places in the world as beautiful as Lake Tahoe. I couldn’t have imagined the beauty until I actually got there! I just happened to be in the area and I was excited to see one of my favorite bands that I’ve never gotten to see before. I’ve been listening to ALO since college but with no luck when it comes to seeing them live. They really delivered on my first experience with some amazing covers and sets that seemed to last forever, which is obviously a great thing!

I love the laid back, fun, and upbeat style they exude on stage and its a great show for singing along. They played an awesome rendition of “Maria” which of course I was all about! And the crowd went nuts for the “Get Lucky” cover that fit in perfectly with the attitude of the casino crowd on hand. The highlight of the show was the “Try” jam that melded “After Midnight” right into the middle.

There was a ton of interaction between the band and the audience throughout the entire show. ALO even came out for an encore and took a request for “Champ” from a dude in the audience! I love it when bands take requests, it really shows a level of respect and love for the fans and it really is cool to see bands improvisive on stage and not just come out with a set list that gets stuck to no matter what.


I am so happy I finally made it to see this amazing band they would be an amazing addition to the Summer Camp lineup this year or next. I included the set list and a link to a recording below. Well worth downloading and checking out. A shout out to Dr. Bob Wagner for the recording! Great quality!

Set List:

Set 1 – 64:12 01- Introduction > I love Music – Blew out the Walls > Shapeshifter – Try > After Midnight > Try – Chilly Chilly * – Falling Dominios * – Dead Still Dance Disc

Set 2 – 77:38 0 1- Banter – Plastic Bubble – Cowboy’s & Chorus Girls – Suenas Y Vegas >  Get Lucky # > 06- Suenas Y Vegas – Walls of Jerico – Maria – Probecito > Lady Loop Encore – “asking what song to play” – The Champ >  BBQ (excerpt) > The Champ