Papadosio Poem

Papadosio is a band with a plan to change the world.  They want their music to inspire people to break down their barriers in order to become engaged with the world around them.  After seeing their show on September 27th in Chicago, I decided to capture the show’s vibe with a poem. Enjoy!

papadosio photo

engage to escape

 the curtains separate in a House of Sadness

the earth cries an ancient sound

a lullaby from the past

it clarifies a mature vision 

or perhaps,

a vision lacking maturity

these youth in their prime

locked in a state of ecstasy

their souls communicate so freely…
but this room’s arrangement is too easily comfortable

energy creeps up the walls

patiently awaiting the right moment to present itself

the organic sounds intensify

pulling at the strings that bind us

synthetically woven into society’s pattern

ruching the fabric, yet unraveling

until a thread is all that’s left

did you hear that?

can anyone else feel this?
I embark on a quest to escape

cautiously brake through restrictions 

soak in the journey along the way

indulge in my past for comfort

growing up was a time of adversity

subjectively, the pain was real

but silenced by emotional impotence

a need for survival snuffed out my desire to evolve

 there is a loneliness to this discovery

this hamster wheel is all I’ve ever known

if I become a refugee of my culture,

could I still feel love?

or rather,

have I ever really felt love before?


my eyes widen

my fate is unsealed

I inhale my destiny

there is no room for apathy in responsibility,

it is a long enough word already