RadKey at Fubar in St. Louis

Radkey is an up and coming punk band who is slowly taking the Midwest by storm and even in Europe! I saw them for the first time on August 23rd and they blew me away with how good they were! Radkey consists of three brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri, which is an hour north of Kansas City. Dee is the guitarist and vocalist. His voice is amazing, his vocals sound similar to Danzig (from the Misfits), but he also can surprise you with a melodic scream every once in a while. Isaiah is on bass and he does most of the talking for the band between songs. I found out from him that the band is really into anime and they don’t care what people think about it! Then the youngest brother Solomon is on the drums. They’re quite a unique band since their influences consist of the classics like the Who, the Beatles, Fishbone, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and so many more. How many teenagers now days are listening to or even influenced by these classics?! Radkey has even opened up for Fishbone and they have even played the AfroPunk festival in NY with many other major artists.

Here’s a few pics from when I saw them at Fubar on August 23rd

Radkey1 Radkey3

Here’s me with Isaiah the bassist and their EP that I just bought.


They played an amazing show! If you’re into punk, they are a must see act! I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys end up playing large venues like the Pageant in the next 5 years. Radkey is currently promoting their first EP titled Cat & Mouse which you can listen to it here. They are playing a few more shows in the Midwest, like Riotfest in Chicago, and then they’re playing a few dates in Europe, so make sure you catch them while you can!