Floodwood Needs Your Help

In this post-Kickstarter era the individual music fan has a new ability to directly support their favorite musicians. Many bands have taken advantage of this new crowd-sourcing technique that allows them to produce new music as well as facilitate additional concerts. Floodwood is utilizing Kickstarter to reach out to fans for a new album and a touring van. Floodwood features Al Schnier and Vinnie Amico from moe., but they should not be categorized as a side project. They are simply put, an amazing bluegrass experience. They really got a chance to debut at Summer Camp a few years back and I’ve been listening to them ever since. Jason Barady, Nick Piccininni and Zacary Fleitz round out this lineup of real talent.


Musically and stylistically Floodwood is pushing the boundaries while still maintaining a reverence for traditional bluegrass. Their songwriting is top notch. I am incredibly curious to see how they will develop the sequences of tracks on the album and what they will do to further the instrumentation of the individual songs. So much time and energy is put into working on a studio album. Kickstarter has become a real and viable tool to actually make new music happen. In essence a supporter is basically preordering the new album. However most campaigns offer high end off the wall rewards for large pledges. For instance if you donate ten grand Floodwood will make arrangements for a VIP weekend ski trip with the entire band. The van is important as well as I would like to see Floodwood branch out from primarily playing in the Northeast. It’s time to share Floodwood with the world.

DSC06884Their campaign ends on September 4th so if you have a few bucks or are able to share this link on your various social media sites that is greatly appreciated.

Here is a video of Floodwood at Summer Camp 2013