My 2013 Summer Camp Highlights

Hello fellow SCampers,

I had a wonderful weekend at Summer Camp this year. My experience as an official Camp Counselor in training was amazing and allowed me to capture many moments I could not have without this sweet title. Having the experience of seeing how everything happens behind the scenes was a really special experience. I was able to meet many of the organizers who work year round to put on this amazing event every year. I was really thrilled to shake so many hands all weekend, as well as interview some of my favorite musicians. I am proud to become such an integral part of the driving force behind promoting such an amazing festival. Here are a few favorite moments from my weekend.

First a foremost, I was very excited to have my camera this year at Summer Camp and see what I could accomplish with it. Last year I shot most content with my Iphone and this year proved to be a good opportunity to vastly improve my photography skills. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the entire weekend.

Summercamp Music Festival Friday Summercamp 2013 - Saturday Summercamp Music Festival 2013 - Sunday

I shoot a lot of amazing video with my camera as well. I was able to capture some absolutely once in a lifetime collaborations. First I caught was this video of Victor Wooten playing with most of the members of Family Groove company including Janis Wallin. Also seen here is a few members of brainchild and sitting in is also Roosevelt Collier playing slide steel.

Another amazing moment of collaboration I caught during the weekend was Everyone Orchestra. In case you weren’t aware, Everyone Orchestra is a collaboration put on at multiple festivals bringing the best talent together for a once in a lifetime jam session. On the lineup this year at Summer Camp was Victor Wooten, Al Schnier, Joel Cummins, Carly Meyers, Allie Kral, Mike Dillon, Roosevelt Collier, and Alex Steele. It was my first time catching an Everyone Orchestra set and I was amazed at the artists ability to pick up and jam.

I also had the ability to interview (coming soon) Victor Wooten of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and Reed Mathis of Tea Leaf Green. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life! It was the first time the two had met and their energy hit it off right away. They did a jam for me after the interview that was just mind blowing. Here is the jam.

Summercamp 2013 - Saturday

I also got to help shoot interviews for other Camp Counselors and managed to meet Jason Hann and Michael Travis of Eoto/String Cheese Incident. With Electric Forest being one of my home festivals, I couldn’t have been more excited to meet them.

Summercamp Music Festival Friday

Overall I felt like I was running around constantly all weekend trying to get footage of everything possible. Summer Camp did an amazing job giving me more opportunities than I could shake a stick at. I am so grateful I was able to capture this many amazing moments.

With all of the video/pictures I shot I made this short highlight video with some of my best shots. I hope you all enjoy. Stay tuned for more!

BTW I love festy sunsets!

Summercamp Music Festival Friday