In Stores Now! Michael Franti & Spearhead: All People

He’s been compared to the likes of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. Some have said he’s the next Bob Marley. But no. He’s the first Michael Franti. Already with a worldwide influence, having played in Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Canada, Jamaica, all across Europe, and even Iraq, Israel, and the Occupied Palestenian Territories, the much anticipated release of All People will surely be a hit.

Since I first started listening to Franti about 5 years ago, he instantly became my favorite lyricist. His songs convey messages of positivity, love, and unity, while also taking on issues of war, poverty, and injustice. All People is no different, as the title itself designates it’s worldwide aim for unity.


The album-titled track starts the album off with a nightclub-esque dance tune that is sure to make everyone move with the rhythm. “11:59″ allows Franti to show off his hip-hop roots with a few rap verses. The previously released single, “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” is an instant classic hit for Franti, right next to “Say Hey (I Love You).” “Long Ride Home,” “Closer to You,” “Let it Go,” all provide the listener with a perfect melody for a great sing along. “Life is Better With You” has captured my heart as a true great love song that should be played at every wedding for the rest of humanity. “Gangsta Girl” surprised me with a funky jazz rhythm as a good chance of pace. “Do it for the Love,” is probably my favorite song off the album that should be getting more attention. All in all, this album is another success for Michael Franti & Spearhead, giving the listener a chance to sing and dance along with the feel good Spearhead vibes, able to lift anyone’s spirits.


Track Listing:

  1.  All People (featuring Gina Rene)
  2. 11:59
  3. I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)
  4. Long Ride Home
  5. Life is Better With You
  6. Earth From Outer Space (featuring K’Naan)
  7. Closer to You
  8. Gangsta Girl
  9. Show Me a Sign
  10. I Don’t Wanna Go
  11. Do It For the Love
  12. Let it Go – Deluxe Edition only
  13. On and On – Deluxe Edition only
  14. Wherever You Are – Deluxe Edition only
  15. Say Goodbye – Deluxe Edition only
  16. Life is Better With You (acoustic mix) – Deluxe Edition only

Catch MF&S on tour!

WATCH: MF&S perform “I’m Alive” on David Letterman:

WATCH: MF&S perform “Life is Better With You” with Warren Haynes at Mountain Jam:


I’ll be seeing them for the 5th time at the end of August at the Minnesota State Fair. Can’t wait!