Gogol Bordello In The Lou!

On May 31st I saw Gogol Bordello at the Pageant in St. Louis. Even though it was my 5th time seeing them, I was still ecstatic to be seeing them since I hadn’t seen them since last year at Summer Camp! While my brother and I were waiting to go into the Pageant the tornado sirens started going off, so we gathered our friends and ran in before it stormed. We made it in right after the opening band and had time to grab a spot in the pit for Gogol. Once Gogol came out, everyone started screaming of course. The first song that they played was “Ultimate” off of Super Taranta! and the pit immediately broke out! Then they played “Not A Crime”, “Wonderlust King”, “My Companjera”, “Tribal Connection” and one of my favorites…”Immigramiada”. Then they ended their first set with a huge sing-a-long to “Start Wearing Purple”. After the sing-a-long I had to step out of the pit for the rest of the second set since I was on the verge of being completely soaked by everyone’s sweat like usual. Here’s a few pictures of their first set from the pit…

May 31 Gogol Bordello SDC12055 May 31 Gogol Bordello

Then for their second set, they played one of their new songs, “Lost Innocent World”. Next they played another one of my favorite songs “Alcohol”. After the show I purchase the bassist Tommy T’s new album and went outside to try to meet the band and get my cd signed by Tommy T since the band always comes out and meets their fans after the show. But unfortunately, it was POURING outside. Luckily I saw Tommy chilling outside under an overhang with some people, I held the album up in the air and he waved me over. Once I came over he gave me a huge hug, I think he was surprised that someone bought his album. I asked for his autograph, but neither of us had a pen so we took this picture with his album instead.

Tommy T from Gogol Bordello & CIT Marisa

What a fantastic ending to an amazing show! Also, you can download the song “Malandrino” for free by clicking here which will be on their new album Pura Vida Conspiracy which comes out July 23rd, enjoy!

Your girl,